Tuesday, October 13, 2015

monsters don't stand a chance

Pickled Spooky House? Pickled Spooky House. I don't name 'em, I just visit 'em.

They have a Hallowe'en tree! Awesome! Though, admittedly, it made me miss the loss of Relic all over again, because--Relic tree.

The wall is talking to me!

I think I saw this episode of Dexter...

Haunted phone, a 'birthday' cake I do not want to even poke with a stick, and terrible sounds...And by 'terrible', I mean, really effective and kind of unnerving.

The kitchen is the typical serial-killer sort, but...with more disturbing touches here and there. Still, it works surprisingly well.
[02:51] Study door: Emilly Orr is disturbing the spirits.
[02:51] Ms. Channing: Are they exactly the same?
I'm sorry! I don't know!

There's a lot of hanged spirits out there, but a hanged, de-bodied couple? That's new.

And another hanged sailor who will not rest...

Now, is this fellow a...servant, who's helping the nanny in the nursery, or...the child? Either way, eep.

And that's only maybe half of what's here. There is so much going on in this house. The build is tall, and very narrow. (In other words, even going through on mouselook, you'll probably have your viewpoint slip through a wall or two.) It really needs to be experienced in person. Spend enough time so that everything fully loads, because the true delight in this one is the small details, the unexpected touches. Have fun.

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