Sunday, October 25, 2015

we're a pillow fight on a concrete bed

[11:30] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yalll... today seems to be a busy day for pfishing schemes .. please do not click on any links form anyone you do not I know .. I have seen over 7 attempts at pfishing just in the past hour
Yeah, the phishing attempts are getting pretty bad. Obviously they're going to continue, because just as people don't learn from exposure to gold farming tactics in MMOs, people aren't learning from phishing attempts in SL.
[11:33] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx sighs "TOday just seems like a pretty bad day overall...?
[11:33] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: !"
[11:33] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Damnit!
[11:34] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *"
Wau. Touchy.
[11:36] lxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol hi meow
[11:36] lxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: whats wrong? :P
[11:42] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh nothing in particular, just people you see on the streets and have to listen to in general. WHy does there have to be so much negativity in the world?
[11:43] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: THe damnit was cuz the typo typo though. lol
[11:43] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i think there are both ...neg and pos.. you can listen to one or the otehr or youcan take them both as a balance to each other . trying to not absorb thatwhich isnt " youre=s"
There are days where Ms. T just can't spell. It's a thing.

And, to be fair, there are also days where it seems every other being on the planet has previously met and interacted with one goal in mind: driving us out of ours. Of course, that never happens, but it feels like it some days.
[11:44] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a saying i heard a couple years ago sometimes I have to repeat many times a day when someone tries to draw me in to a pile pof crap }} this is not my circus ..these are not my monkeys
[11:44] dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)
[11:44] Axxxxxxx Cxxxxx: wait, those ARE my monkeys
Take your monkeys back, then!
[11:45] hxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or
[11:45] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was allways told not my circus not my clown.
That's another good one.
[11:45] hxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my name is West and im not in this Mess
Never heard that one before, actually.
[11:46] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh I know, I'm just saying like what you can't avoid. People obnoxioulsy honking at other cars, sticking close to your car pressuring you, passing cars left and right. I mean what's the point of all this? None of this matters and while change nothign in the end. You're just throwing the crap you're carrying at other people and ruinging their day as well.
Sure, but--as I well know--it's the most difficult thing to pull yourself out of your own irritation and be conscious of the people around you. And if we are already in that stage of being irritated at each small, perpetual thing, it's nearly impossible to pull back and stop.
[11:46] dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol i mostly go like : its not my business
[11:48] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cossak...heres another one }}}}}   dont let idiots rent space in your head
Not the least of which is, idiots don't usually pay on time. Or at all.
[11:48] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: now imma go eat food :P
[11:48] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: NO KILLING and ill se yall laterz
[11:48] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: lol
[11:50] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I know... *sighs* I just need a break from people... *squirms around yelling* And this annoying fly to go away! ARGH!!
Some days, it just doesn't pay to chew through the leather straps.

Meanwhile...Back when it was Canada Day, I put together an entry, and then...forgot it existed for several months. Ooops.

So Happy (belated) Canada Day! (This might be NSFW, in some jurisdictions: everything is technically covered, but...not by much.)

And interested in getting a Hulkbuster toy? Why not get a totally adorable one? With an equally dead-cute Iron Man figure inside.

Meet Andreas Urbanski, fire wielder. (Link leads to a video, but the video is awesome.)

And finally, I found a slideshow presentation of Victorian color schemes, and color blending through all three major Victorian periods. Neat!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled haunt coverage.

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