Thursday, October 15, 2015

you can dance with the devil, you can shuffle your feet

The Haunted Mansion at Funky Monkey is...well, first off, riddled with spiders. Or at least spider eggs and webbing. Ugh.

The sunroom is apparently now a sickroom, complete with patient? But the house is abandoned...isn't it? Also, sad bit of alpha issue on the hospital screen. Pity.

Piano playing itself, more webbing, more alpha issues...Oh, wait, no, those are tears in the back lace curtain. Got it.

Apparently this was an artists' collective before it was a hospice?

That bed looks like it's just infested. No, thank you, not even sitting down. Upstairs we go!

The voices, the voices! AKA, why is there a child-size padded cell in the bathroom? (Not that I'm child-size, I'm just short.)

Never what you want to see in a nursery...

The only touch of real color in the place.

All in all, for a single-shot house, it's not bad. We're seeing DRD's Mystery Mansion a lot this year (which I didn't know was out of a gacha event last year, but which is available again outside DRD's furniture department), but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it just means you need to be creative with the presentation.

And I firmly believe this haunt managed that. There are some questions--is it a private abandoned home? A long-term care facility? What's with all the spiders? Who's the wee homicidal child who used to be in the nursery upstairs?--but that doesn't detract from anything. Four out of five skulls.

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