Friday, October 2, 2015

hearts drawn on a dusty window pane, a love note lying in the road

Next we're going to the Silent Scream haunted house.

Apparently they've been having some staff problems? Though this particular fellow seems to be permanently off the rotation schedule.

The kitchen obviously will not pass next quarter's health inspection.

At least in the parlor, everything seems normal...

Now, for the most part, the house is okay. There's some insistence on overused tropes--Carol Ann at the console TV, the whole ax-murderer-kitchen thing--plus whatever was going on with Mr. Slashed and Mangled in the beginning...but overall, there's enough neat little elements that it's at least worth a walkthrough.

Like this one. A window to the outside, that shows a translucent figure, fading in and out. It's well done, and quietly effective.

Here's the weird part, though--past the haunted house? There's a fire. With pillows. And cuddles. Huh?

And, of course, across from the house there's a nicely outfitted cemetary, so it's not just one haunted house then romance.

Overall, they get more wrong than right. There's not a ton here, but it's a good diversion, there are things that have effects when clicked, and of course, the option to just sit and talk next to a warming fire next to the ax-murder house is just amusing as all get-out. But if I was scaling, I'd give them at least three out of five skulls.

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