Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm a nightmare dressed as a screensaver

Next up: the Scared to Death Haunted House Ride, 2015 edition. Neat!

But it's opening soon. Bah. So we'll come back later.

In the meantime, we're headed to .:XTICEYS:. (yes, that's how the name is spelled, apparently) Haunted Hall of Horrors. Yes, really.

In we go. After reading the warning.

Choices, choices.

Death leads to this fellow--ew--so I guess I'm visiting Eternal Hell.

Past the creepy spider-thing...

And this skeleton, just hanging around...

Deeper into spider hell...

Into clown hell...

I guess I've reached actual Hell.

There's a lot of falling in this one, and if you push aside the repetitive themes, the falling aspects, combined with the genuine creepiness of the maze--which is essentially wrought-iron fencing and fog--until the falling starts, makes me want to recommend this at least if you just need more haunts in your life? It's not top-notch, but it's at least a fun stroll. Three out of five skulls?

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