Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm supposed to fill it up with something

Let's go to Aryadeva!

So, upon arriving at Halloween@Aryadeva, one learns that one is, in fact, deceased, from a plane crash in some sort of mountainous-yet-swampy place.

Well, okay.

There are at least two rides at this attraction--Charon's boat ride, located just down from this sign, and a plane ride through the deeper caverns. (There may be more; this is a huge haunt space.)

There are some really, really bad texture glitches on this sim. In this image, you can see the overlayering visibly in the upper left corner, but it's ALL over this room, in particular, and other rooms throughout the house. Even granting that, though, the surround is pretty impressive, and the ideas behind it are fun. How forgivable is it? We'll see as I go.

Guillotine. Scary guy. This does not bode well.

Run! There's two of them!

Pirate ship. In a pool of blood. In a cave. In the underworld. Uh...

Underwater section? Yep, underwater section. Weird, but okay.

And this is where I stopped, because friends got online and wanted to finish Octoberville. There is a LOT of terrain to cover, though, I didn't cover all of it. There are at least two--maybe three--other houses, there's maybe another ride, though I never found it, and there's probably more if one doesn't take the plane through the caverns, and walks them instead. It's not the most up-to-date haunt this year, but with so much acreage devoted to haunting, there will likely be something worth seeing!

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