Monday, October 12, 2015

oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked

I'm sensing a theme this year, for no specific reason I can ascertain. I walked through the Haunted House of Ill Repute.

Purportedly an abandoned Victorian bordello--and again, on an Adult parcel--it was clean and bright outside, so considerably unnerving, considering the normal sunset/midnight settings for most haunts on SL. Then I walked inside.

A-ha--the first time I've entered a haunt on Adult land and known instantly why it was on Adult land. Good to know.

Lovely little cobweb-strewn dining set. Obviously chairs of fine wood, with a plush velvet fabric. I can easily see gentlemen slicing roast or braised duck, enjoying sparkling wines and intimate conversation with the house madam, or perhaps even their chosen companions for the evening.

The art is a complete hodge-podge of eras, but I've seen at least a couple houses that work that way, so I have to assume others do as well. Both Nevada's Mustang Ranch (link is NSFW, naturally) and Wallace, Idaho's many brothels (possibly SFW, but definitely dealing with Adult content) point to storied histories in their art and in their construction, and pieces that are in good condition are left on the walls along with newer photographs or more "modern" art pieces. So, while some of the 1980s- to 2000-era pictures were a bit odd, the paintings from the 1950s and 1960s seemed to fit right in with the turn of the century drawings, and the actual Victorian-era burlesque photography.

This struck me as ingenious--matching the baroque wallpaper of the house to the baroque lampshade? Neat little detail.

Though I did not bring a friend on this jaunt, and would not be willing to show any of the furniture pieces "in action", as it were, there are a few pieces scattered throughout the house. Beds, of course, but also spanking benches and the like. It does make the house tour more entertaining...

The attic, of course, has a fully-equipped electric chair for...hrm...torture sessions? Once seated, it will offer a set of cuffs and the helmet (with built-in bit gag to muffle screams, perhaps?). Whereupon whomever's in control of the chair can affix one to it, raise uncomfortable metal studs from the surfaces one sits and leans against, or run three different levels of power through the chair itself. It's on the morbid side for a sexual toy, but I can see it getting use within a prison roleplay, perhaps.

I found this one thoroughly enjoyable, and possibly even worth revisiting with a partner. If you also are intrigued, do check it out.

And the "Once Upon a Witches' Tale Haunted Hallowdays Scream Park"...cumbersome as that name is...seems to have vaporized. We'll move on, then.

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