Wednesday, October 21, 2015

to the sounds of a bleeding ghost train

[19:14] Nixy (phoenix.milasevic) hands Temp a potato.
[19:14] Tempest Rage (tempest.heartsdale): BANANA
[19:14] Nixy (phoenix.milasevic): POTATO
[19:15] Tempest Rage (tempest.heartsdale): *buries Nixy* I SAID BANANA
[19:15] Emilly Orr: that escalated quickly
Twisted Hunt group. It's like that.

So, I finally came up with an idea for next month's NaNoWriMo writing challenge. It may even work, but I fear it's going to carve my soul into sections again. Still, it's nice to have a plan. It's nice to know that I'm going to be writing more, that I've crawled through at least that one, small bit of depression back to (some level of) functionality. It's a small thing, but I'll take it.

That's also been the (unseen by the public, mostly) push to get the blog more towards daily updates again. Still not there yet (though, currently, that's mostly due to picture-editing for haunt entries), but it's better than it was. Again, small things, small steps, but they're still steps forward.

In the meantime, group controversy, yet again:
[19:56] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:

mandar a roupa para fotografa

[ღ leaving the little hearts in bracing the avatar's long display name ღ]

ate dia 21

vc escolhe oque vc quer divugar na revista
[19:57] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: O,o
[19:57] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg
alexya não pode spam no grupo
[19:57] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
ler as regras por favor
Now, Miss A's answer was pretty perfect--essentially, responding in Portuguese to please check the group rules, and please don't spam the group. Fair enough. I'm thinking this whole thing was a wrong window, though, because what Miss ღ-L is saying basically translates to, 'please send me clothing until the 21st, so I may pick outfits for the magazine'--which makes zero sense in a freebie group.
[19:59] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not a clue
[19:59] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxxx: omg must be the same in any language
[19:59] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: spam is spam? lol
[20:02] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: spam shouldnt be spam in foreugn, should be oh... spamio or something
Clue massive facepalming. "Spamio"?? Seriously?? Let's hear it for garden-variety casual racism. And the inability to spell "foreign" correctly.
[20:03] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxxx: le spam? el spamo grande?
[20:03] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: laughs now i want a taco bel grande
I can't tell if that's more casual racism or fast food addiction. Maybe it's both.
[20:04] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: el spamo grande... lol thats good
[20:04] 7xxxx Rxxxxxxx: LOL me too
[20:04] 7xxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think all the world has given up translating all the new puter terms
Um. "Spam" is a new computer term??? Since when?

Cue mass confusion on my part, but hey, I have pumpkin cookies, so you know, I can let this slide.

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