Sunday, October 4, 2015

November smoke, and your toes cold now

I next visited Vivi's Spooky House on Haunted Hill.

And...wau. It's really, really bright here. I think...I'm on the wrong environment settings.

But, this particular sim didn't have Windlight settings listed, in either the drop-down request window, or in the About Land section. Sp...onward we go!

Now, this is new. In the basement of the haunted house, gaming tables. Who would game in a creepy house with drifting ghosts and skeletons in the corners? I don't know, but they may be my kind of people.

This was lovely. The books move.

And this one actually got me. Mainly because I was looking at the opposite wall, and when I came in, there wasn't anyone in the bed, so turning around and seeing a blackened skeleton did startle me a bit.

There's also a 'skeleton hunt' where you get a free HUD with a blank skeleton, and you need to find the bits of bone scattered around the land. They're mostly on the front lawn and in the main haunt, they're not hard to find, but I'm not entirely sure what the point is. After finding everything and going back to the HUD board, and clicking the large skull...I got a pic of the skeleton hunt HUD, and no actual prize. Strange.

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