Monday, October 19, 2015

find me 'neath the killing cliff

The Scared to Death haunted house ride is finally open! But...what's this? A ticket booth? With...buyable tickets??

I looked at the notecard:
"The Ride Tickets Cost Lindens To Ride For Admission. Please Purchase A Ticket From The Ticket Booth Located In The Front Of The Haunted House. The Ticket Will Enable You To Be Here For Approx. A 24 Hour Period. Once That Time Has Passed A New Ticket Must Be Purchased. You Must Wear Your Ticket And It Must Be Attached To Your Avatar To Register With The Server, The Ticket Can Be Removed And Unworn After The Message Appears From The Ticket That You Have Been Registered. Sorry But No Refunds.

"Upon Entering The Doorway To The Haunted House, Please Touch The Green Button On The Wall To Rezz And Select A Car, Please Be Patient And Wait For The Pumpkin Car To Rezz In For You, Once You Sit In It, A Menu Will Come Up To Start The Ride, The First Person Who Sat In The Car Will Then Push The Start Ride! Button. Only One Avatar Needs To Sit First In The Car For The Start Ride! Menu To Come Up. Upon Hitting The Start Ride! Button, The Ride Will Then Start In 60 Seconds."
Oh, HELL no. SEVENTY-FIVE LINDENS they want for this.

Nope. Nope nope nope. Not going to happen. Next!

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