Monday, October 5, 2015

and rub it in so deep, salt in the wound

Tonight, I went to Reanimated Misfits, another land with no Windlight presets. I set it for Rot, as nicely atmospheric, and walked into the main house.

Of the six pictures seen in the main room of the haunted house, in this corner specifically, three feature dead children, two appear to be actual murder victims in or under cars, and one is the Victorian "hidden mother" photograph trick to get children to behave. Hmm.

But it gets worse on the other walls. Those, I will not show, as I'm fairly sure some of them feature actual cadavers, under autopsy. There's an assortment of circus folk, some creepypasta images, some sideshow performers...and others feature early genital surgeries. Some of the pictures are actually quite disturbing, but not for the reasons the haunt designers may have thought.

Be aware if you go to this haunt, you risk seeing things that may be unsettling, that have nothing to do with ghosts or spooky noises. In all honesty, I'm not sure why a haunt would put together the surgical images, especially genital ones. It seems...extreme.

Downstairs, the typical abandoned, bloodied asylum, complete with overturned furniture and a barred gate.

There's nothing especially noteworthy in the asylum section. It's just...the typical. I suppose it fits--the institution administrative offices and main foyer upstairs, the cells below, but...that's really it for the main building.

I went to the next building, and the lag started in. I could barely move going up to the entrance. There's something in the fog, it's severely overscripted. Inside, I got no further images, because I could barely function. I finally managed to get out, and some of the lag eased...until I went to the next building.

This was the last image I took before I had to go, or crash. Maybe it was just too close to the fog machine; I don't know. What I do know is, unless you have a fairly high-end machine, you're not going to make it far in this haunt. There's also a cave entrance across a small creek; I never made it there.

The whole affair left me thinking "Huh" more than "Aaagh!" so...A for effort? But two skulls out of five?

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