Friday, November 30, 2007

but I am imagining a dark-lit place, or your place, or my place--

Random images from the last few days...

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Incidents of note. Second ever appearance of someone else in limbo. This darkly furred wonder being Miss Neome, who was quite surprised that I could see her, and myself...and nothing else, because my point of view? Said limbo...

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Another first for me--getting relocated to the southeast corner of Penzance, I'm used to being told I'm at dead center--or just slightly off, the latest variant. I'm not used to being told I'm in another sim.

It seemed convinced I was in Caledon Morgaine. So finally, I thought, what the hell, let's play. I opened the map, copied my current location, pasted it into an empty IM, and clicked it.

And transported.

To Morgaine.

I do believe this is the first time I've ever captured a photo of a sim under construction. There are still grid lines in the water! Just amazing.

Not only that, but it's the very first time the system's gotten that confused as to where I am!

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We went to the amusingly named sim of Night Breed at the behest of a friend. Once there, they had a cat's a neko thing, even if I can't wear the ears this week...I had to climb up into it.

Of course I got thrown into limbo.

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But at least it looks like I'm having fun....that's something, at least....

Finally, Miss Kiralette tantalized me with the news that she'd built something in the air above East Speirling. But she wouldn't tell me what.

When I got time tonight to fly out--and up--the first place I landed wasn't her work.

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Pretty, but not hers.

I flew up to a bit past 1200 meters before I decided, I'd somehow missed it, and I'd have to ask for more information.

Just then, in the descent, I found it, ten meters or so short of 700:

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There it was. Undeniably hers. Now I just needed to find out what it was...

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...and not laugh too hard coming in for a landing. Oh, this is a whimsy in truth, just bubbly and mischievous and deeply, deeply fun. And then I discovered the top of the aquarium was open!

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Which is where I found this little...whatsit. Lamprey? Pier worm. Bright purple wriggler, at any rate. So much fun.

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In fact, it seemed like she had an enormous amount of fun building this thing in the first place!

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Kira-Kira, even though this like as not will be gone, as you said, in a scant few days--mayhap even hours!--do build more! You have whimsy down to a near science, and I am absolutely delighted and charmed by it.

And it makes up for being trapped with the builder who has to go through his entire texture collection looking for that one perfect image that makes the piece sing.

Ah, I can't complain too badly, I've done the same thing....


Kira said...

I am so glad-- I thought you'd appreciate it!! I did have so much fun... It um... Well, I was in the mind to build an ice castle... I had lovely ice sheets and all, when it seemed a bright idea to make the ice move. After that, you see... I got sidetracked. :) Sometimes I have the issue of texture perfection as well... but I definitely like to have fun with my builds :-D I'll warn you when I take it down, in case you want to come play again-


Emilly Orr said...


Yes, I loved the fact that the walls of the tank moved. Had a great deal of fun, and giggled rather hysterically at what I first took for the manatee holding the flutterby in its mouth.

*Nahm nahm nahm*... :)

Kira said...

LOL Ok now you realize that the flutterby is now going to become manatee-chow? Oh.. and the manatee's name, btw, is Kegger, and I'm still waiting for the Big'un Octy to tell me its name.

Emilly Orr said...

You named them!

*laughs hysterically*

*hugs you*

Hee hee hee.

Alexandra Rucker said...

An intergalactic kegger?

*ducks, laughing*

Emilly Orr said...

Could be...

Did I mention the manatee moves? :)

London Spengler said...

I'm sorry, put the blame on Timothy Lilliehook who recruited me, but you've been Tagged *grins evily*.

Please, follow the link to my post to learn about the rules. I hope that after the "why me?" groan you will find the idea funny.

Eladrienne Laval said...

I see the "Caledon Triangle" claimed another victim. It is something abut that area around Morgaine...