Monday, November 12, 2007

there's a new world for the winning

Hee. Steampunk's a subculture? Not from my perspective...but then, I do consider myself Caledonian, now, so.

[22:00] You: So, 40,717
[22:00] You: Which is odd, because I thought I had less than that, yesterday.
[22:00] Neome Graves: Hee
[22:00] You: Now dumping trash....and....
[22:01] You: 40,135! WHEE!
[22:01] You: And that was *all* landmarks, hair thank-you notes, and bald caps, along with the hair I tossed out

Just stunning. Stunning, it is. But I'm getting there. Day by day, the inventory is being sorted, sifted through, processed. I *will* do this.

In the meantime...all the old bugs have come home to roost. Who thought this was a good idea?

For example...

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No eyes. I hate this bug. Miss Neome was afflicted last night, and myself today.

Of course, I ended up with no eyes after I exploded. I was so shocked at exploding, I forgot to snap a picture, but, near as I can track it out...

I logged in. The world flickered. Then I turned into a sudden burst of jagged spikes and pointed fragments, in the colors of all I'd been wearing. I followed this by crashing hard.

Freakiest thing I've ever seen, and I've been on the grid a while now.

But it seems like more than just the freakish is going on. Object-not-found-in-inventory bugs are back. Missing-image bug is back. Inversion bug is back. The "X has left this session" bug is back. Inability, on not infrequent occasions, to start conference chats, or group chats. What the hell is going on, did the Powers that Linden decide to roll the grid back six months, or something??

I purely do not know. But it gets under my skin.

Today, literally!

In other news, I've still got some work to do, on the foundation and elsewhere. But I've extended Kaleidecopia House somewhat, because I discovered I had the room to do so without impinging on other structures.

And I've set out the very first item in the abode:

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Dame Lapin Paris' entymological fireplace. (No, I don't know that she's a Dame, per se, it just sounds better for some reason, than Miss. Shhh.)

I still do not know why she gave me this, other than I happened to be in Caledon chat the morning she felt such brickfaced largesse, but it's so lovely. My loves look at me oddly and I do not care. (Of course, Mr. Allen looks at me oddly for the blue of the house, which may be changing soon. Hee.) It's comforting and wonderful and there are butterflies and beetles on it! How can you not adore such a fireplace??

Now...I just have to find furnishings for the rest of it...and doors, drat it all! Where did they go?!?

[Later edit: found the doors.]

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Did I mention they are DOORS OF EVIL?

Seriously. This is how it goes. I'm up in Sir Edward's workshop, and he's showing me how to make touch-open doors--how to cut the prim, how to orient it, how to script it.

I take them back into inventory after I've finished them, and promptly lose them for a week.

I find them tonight, put them into the doorframe, and....they won't WORK.

I flip them. I check the scripting. I move them side to side. Nothing.

They worked in the studio. Why won't they work here?

Finally, Mr. Allen says, the second door is cut wrong. And, considering I did it right in the studio--or so I thought--I'm very confused by this.

I end up reversing the cut numbers and it vanishes into the hell dimension from which it sprang, so Mr. Allen told me to copy the working door. Which I have now done.

Their names are Celia and Pris.

...don't give me that look. If I'm going to yell at something this often, it's going to be named, by all that's holy.


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Hmmm... I have a spare glasswork door, a duplicate of the one at the Steelhead office, which might look nice with the theme of your residence. Let me know if you're interested, I think I have to pick it up from my sister.


Klaus Wulfenbach

emillyorr said...


I admit, I like my Asian doors, I'm glad I own them, as weathered as they are. But true, they don't precisely match the rest of the residence.