Saturday, November 24, 2007

cover me, when I breathe

But of course. And this one pairs so nicely--though it's lacking in all the lovely vintage/Monty Pythonesque details--with the first.

At any rate...ragtag collection of oddities.

First up: Miss Neome is stranger than I am.

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No, it's true. Just look at all those teeth!

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This avatar lives somewhere at Grendel's in Avaria. I have no idea what it is even.

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And damn it all, I thought we were over this! Welcome to vision relocation, again...I hate this bug!

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That, and I'll be honest with you. It's deadly dull to hang out on the seabed below Mayfair. It truly is.

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As you might be able to see behind me (click the picture for the larger version), that's Penzance. Or part of it. As seen through a mountain range, part of the ocean, and whatever odd little corner I'm tucked into at the moment.

You should have seen me earlier, I was folded into a rather poky little ball.

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Then our resident shop Timelord Mr. Glineux stopped by, and after a patch of hair-sniffing (don't ask, we're not entirely sure we want to know), he changed into his gargoyle form.

Err, mostly. It was...odd.

Then it got worse:

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I think...I upgrade. To...something. The visual distorts are starting to affect my sanity!


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

You have sanity left that can be affected?

emillyorr said...

HEY, now! I do so!

By the way? There was yay tonight--I fixed (with major help, yes, but still) the clockwork oranges!

They tick now! WHEE!

Now to figure out the mechanics of the clockwork lime...

Alexandra Rucker said...

And these problems are all WITH the Nicholaz client??

emillyorr said...

No no no, this isn't client-side, this is server-side. I've had these problems off and on since I started in SL. I've had these problems with their official browser, off and on with the Nicholaz old-school ones, and off and on with the Bleeding Edge ones.

I've been driving myself crazy trying to find verification for this, and can't just now, but this is the basic shape of it: on transport, for no distinct reason--and sometimes when sitting on objects--the avatar's point of view is transported to coordinates 0,0,0 in the sim--which is usually an undeveloped far corner, oddly enough.

Now, of late, this has changed in Penzance, which is why--even though it looks the same--I find it of great interest. First, it's no longer taking me to 0,0,0 on the coordinates map, and *purely* point-of-view relocation. It appears to be, at least partially *actually*, taking me to 0,0,-48 coordinates, and I have the ability--never known before--to 'scroll in' using camera controls, from my position (in Penzance, it works out to somewhere on the Mayfair seabed) underwater, past the mountain range, and back into Pirates' Road and the shop (since most such incidents are occurring by sitting or transporting into the shop).

No, I don't know why it's happening again, it had stopped. Yes, it's very annoying. But it seems to happen independently of *any* chosen client, and such things have happened on five different computers--one laptop, and four different desktops. It's *not* client-side, whatever it is.

Serenity said...

Hehe that lil av with the lil aliens is from Warhammer 40k, check out tyranids and you'll know mores. ;3