Friday, November 16, 2007

fresh and simple as a kiss

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CiCi is here!

I admit, I started calling her CiCi because it's cumbersome to type out "the Clockwork Concubine" at all times. But she's here! She exists!

Moreover, this steampunk sweetie is for sale. Hee!

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Nearly fully primmed out, and you should see the detail, she's just breathtaking. Moving gears, steam vents, did I mention he's considering adding a voice pack?

Amazing. Just completely amazing. It truly is.

Come see her at Fawkes Allen Designs. You won't regret you did, whether you invest or not.

Oh, yes. Didn't I mention that either? She's an avatar. :) Now the inorganic can be interactive!

Not that Caledon didn't already have good evidence of that...

I'll post more information in a day or so; at present, I'm vastly overtired. But huzzah!

Slowly, bit by bit, the store is coming together! And CiCi, I'm very very proud of her.


Qlippothic Projects said...

*glowing eyes illuminate the shell of empty construct from the other side of the shop window glass*'s beautiful...a perfect place to hide...

emillyorr said...

It could be that, as well.

Anonymity, at times, is its own reward.