Monday, November 19, 2007

baby, someone is crazy, and it's you

Taupo has a new maze. Sim sized. No, I'm not kidding.

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That's a view from the outside. It doesn't make so much sense until you realize that's an enclosed sky level that encompasses the entire sim. Yeah.

It gets worse...

[1:18] Cossack Dagger: We should probably map this out...
[1:18] Dennis Albion: sure
[1:18] You: Wait, you HAVEN'T??
[1:18] Dennis Albion: you know how i do things
[1:18] Dennis Albion: i throw it up in the air, see where things land
[1:18] Cossack Dagger: Because guess who will have to save the people too dumb to TP out? Me. I'd like a map. we're here. And agh. No map. No clue. Lots of twisty-windy passages all the same.

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That's a shot of it with the ceiling off, the best contrast I could use to show the corridor layout. That's not all of it, that's just all of it I was able to get in one shot.

The fellow with the white wings is Cossack Dagger, Rogue Sky Fae and what passes for a keeper of the peace in Taupo. The fellow in the black cloak, of course, is King Dennis Albion. Who built this.

[1:24] You: How big were the prims used for the base and the ceiling?
[1:24] Dennis Albion: its a giant prim 256x256x1

Yes, just for general information? At least on my machine, they do cause a bit of lag. Even with the drag on the processor though, I have to admit, the cool factor? Kind of outweighed that.

I quickly got out of talking range, just walking down one corridor.

[1:25] Dennis Albion: ok IM time
[1:26] Emilly Orr: Man, I feel nine inches tall
[1:26] Emilly Orr: So possibility of secret rooms, plus the sim sized maze, people are going to be running through this, or it's just here until someone comes up with a keen idea?
[1:27] Dennis Albion: how do you mean?
[1:27] Emilly Orr: Well, I know you mentioned rats and spiders and the like
[1:27] Dennis Albion: i mentioned possibility of npc monsters
[1:27] Emilly Orr: So, is it going to be equipped for anyone, or you contemplating renting it out to RP groups, or...?
[1:28] Dennis Albion: i'm open to ideas, right now, i just want to set up a dungeon
[1:28] Dennis Albion: a maze, like classic D&D

The which he's done, and rather efficiently, I might say.

Save for the lack of map thing.

Flying at my top speed--which I grant, is slow at present, at ludicrous speed I can cross three sims in twelve seconds--it takes me twenty seconds to fly across the maze. Note, I will not be able to do this once he puts the ceiling back on.

Couple notes: first, the SLUrl I linked? Will apparently take you to the market below the maze. Oh, well.

Second, that if you reduce your draw distance, lag drops considerably.

[1:51] Dennis Albion: i just got boosted to 32 FPS, i reduced the draw distance to 64
[1:51] You:
[1:51] You: Looks like around 18
[1:51] You: Whoo
[1:51] Cossack Dagger: lol
[1:51] Cossack Dagger: Ooo...
[1:52] You: Hey, that's zippy for me!
[1:52] You: Normally? I'm not kidding, I get around 8
[1:52] Cossack Dagger: I get around 50.
[1:52] You: Yes, yes, I know, you and my landlord with the dual-core
[1:52] You: I have a Frankenbox, sue me
[1:52] Cossack Dagger: Triple-core.
[1:52] You: Phhhht
[1:52] Cossack Dagger: lol
[1:53] You: I also have a brain chip with a handy crush-your-av function, don't tempt me
[1:53] Cossack Dagger: You do, too?

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So yes. Now Taupo has this...thing. Huge. Just HUGE.

And the new Temple of Lloth?

Is right over the maze. Hee.

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[2:12] Emilly Orr: [2:10] Temple of Lloth Door whispers: Lloth Rejects you, begone!
[2:12] Emilly Orr: Guess I've been told. :)

So now, we have a request!

WANTED FOR TAUPO: EFFECTIVE MAPMAKER! Please apply to Dennis Albion directly, who will provide you with a good sturdy knapsack full of Taupoan salted fish, hard cheese, 50 feet of silk rope, and writing implements, and send you on your way.

Try not to starve.

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