Tuesday, November 27, 2007

no attorneys to plead my case

How to make a shapeshifter extremely unhappy: remove their ability to freely shift.

Mr. Glineux noticed: he says the last neko he spent time around, he could always tell when they were depressed, because their ears dropped down.

I dismissed it as a system glitch, but frankly...

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...I haven't been able to get my ears up all day.

Part of the reason is obvious in that picture. I'm my usual white-striped neko, I feel comfortable in it, I've spent a lot of time here. Feels most like me, which, considering the shapeshifter angle? Does say a thing.

But I couldn't get any of my white ears to load. Not a single blessed pair, and I have three different varieties, four if you count the ivory leopard!

I poked and prodded at the inventory, suffering several intentional and unintentional relogs in the process, and nothing.

Finally gave up. Decided, what can I track down that goes with striped white fur?

That's when we hit the second wall--only one ear was loading, of most of my colors! AAAAGH!

The one pair--the ONE pair!--I could find? Ebony. And not only that, but spotted!

I've been twitching all day. But it didn't stop there...

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We're at Triangulum currently, where Shapes by Zada is having a couple interesting freebie offers on skins, shapes and eyes. It's mainland, so you'll be playing fight-the-lag, but they're quirky and pretty and fun. Save that I finally had to leave the store and just breathe for a bit, because....yes, that is what it looks like.

[2:47] Calinacase Whiteberry: Emilly, I keep noticing your avatar; what are you supposed to be? a kelpie, a pukka or some other Irish myth beastie?
[2:47] Emilly Orr sighs
[2:48] You: this is what happens when a shapeshifter can't get her neko folder to load

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It's a horse tail. A HORSE TAIL! Granted, it's a very pretty tail, don't get me wrong, and the bow and ribbons details? Very cute. And trust me, I have no problem with horse tails...on horses.

But it's not a neko tail! It doesn't do what my tail does, plus it's terrifyingly twitchy, and AAAAGH again, for being this...this...half-hybrid, in-between, mutant thing!

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And don't ask me, just do not ask me what that is on Mr. Allen's arm. All I know is, he built it while I was struggling (all in vain) to get my inventory to load. It contains his Hyde retrovirus, and yes, it does auto-inject.


All I know is, I want to be able to shift normally tomorrow. If I can't, I'll just be dead all week. You wait and see.


Seraph Nephilim said...

hugs you

I completely understand not being in the proper form and how unbalancing it can be. I've nowhere near the skills of you in form, but know that body needs to be right. I hope you can find some stability in the crazy world of the Linden gods.

turnerBroadcasting said...

I hate bugs.

Seraph Nephilim said...

You obviously don't work for Linden Lab -- they seem to thrive on them. ^.^

Emilly Orr said...

Seraph: thank you. And yes, I think that's it. I have within me multiple forms, but each is predicated on what is necessary for that form. This was...Darwin on parade. Not happy.

And not kidding on the being dead. I can't get things to load right today, I'm going for stitches and autopsy scars, I do not care.

Turner: Me, too.

Darien Mason said...

Hmmm...auto-injector...Is he selling those?

Emilly Orr said...

Not yet, Doctor? For one, they're on the prim-heavy...over 100 what with the working injectors. But I could definitely talk to him.

Darien Mason said...

And what does this Hyde retrovirus do, may I ask?

Emilly Orr said...

Do not know. Do not actually want to know. Look to the end of this entry as to why...