Sunday, November 4, 2007

in the gloaming, oh my darling, when the lights are soft and low

I'll be the first to admit, I do not know LSL. I've made some inroads on getting in, but, due to some past personal conflict--in their lives and mine--I don't have as ready access to all the scripters I had previously.

I've discovered this resource, which will help, and I know at some point, it's on the list of Things Em Needs to Learn. But it's not top of the list yet, is what's holding me back from gunning forward and speaking LSL like a native.

(Well. I think I will only ever be a Cajun speaker at best, due to the language structure. Possibly a Pidgin speaker. But still.)

Natalia Zelmanov is also a great resource, and one I should depend upon more, but it's still mostly building with prims, which I am steadily learning.

I think I get the structure--bracket; statement; event open; event close; close statement; closing bracket (more or less)--I just don't quite understand what goes where within that.

To be fair, I don't get CSS, either, and it 'feels' to me--wrong or right--remarkably like a form of CSS.

So I'm still struggling. Reading through scripts when I get a chance.

There is that moment, with all other languages I've found, HTML included...where you struggle to comprehend, your mind is, on some level, actively fighting the language...and then it turns, pinning you to the ground, you are overcome--and when you rise, you are thinking in that language. Everything has a new name. Everything sounds different. And then, you can switch back and forth between them.

With LSL--and CSS--this, so far, has failed to happen. In fact, it feels more like irreconcilable differences. But I am trying. When I have the time.

In the meantime, on occasion, I still have time to sit and watch my loves, my friends, build. I adore watching structures go together. Even if I can't yet do what they do, I love watching them do it. How they get ideas, how they execute me, it's more fascinating, more compelling than scripting.

Maybe that's why I haven't learned scripting yet. I'm closer to construction, than ideation? Or something like that.

Up next: finally learning prim shoes. I am told this will make me want to tear my hair out. Which is good, I suppose, because I also want to learn prim hair.

When next in, I get to go visit the land of my home-to-be in Caledon Penzance. When next in, I should really contact Frau Lowey about the pub in Winterfell Absinthe. When next in, I need to see if I can pick up a dancing gig somewhere, for a few hours a week, and continue culling my inventory.

Down one thousand items already. I think some time this week, I'm going through all my hair and--gasp!--throwing the ones I don't wear away.

I should count it first, though. Just to figure out how much I really have...


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

You might want to look into Ritterin Ordinal's scripting forum as well. Novice questions are more than welcome there. It is linked from her journal - you have the means, ja?


Klaus Wulfenbach

Frau Lowey said...

While the magpie in me screams, "DON"T THROWE IT AWAY, you might NEED it later!" I completely understand being overwhelmed bu the sheer numbers, and my inventory is a mere speck in comparison to others. I tend to shove everything similar into a box, label the box (hopefully, in a way that makes sense later) et viola! i have one item hiding the 1307 halters and such I am not able to comfortably wear in Caledon, but they are there if I ever go back to Havana. And my Inventory still thinks it is One Item.

We do need to carve out some time to talk, and for me most weeknights are free between six and eight SLT. Let me know when you have a moment inworld.

emillyorr said...

Baron Wulfenbach: Miss Malaprop? I can track her down, surely. It might be of great help.

Frau Lowey: Ah, yes, but I have recently determined, in and amongst all the other encumbrances, my two biggest gluts are textures (many of which I will not, or cannot, use) and notecards (manuals, notes from former jobs, notes from loves, notes to myself)...neither of which can effectively be 'stored' in single prims.

Textures can be stored, fairly reliably, in notecards, but embedding notecards inside each other is still fraught with the spectre of disaster, due to the notecard bug.

But I'll come up with something. My magpie soul will give up what it needs to.

(And yes, we should. Not today, hopefully tomorrow, though, I should be free.)

Seraph Nephilim said...

Regarding storage of notecards, I have successfully (I believe) used storage boxes (prims) for this task. Got my vast collection of Lumindor notes into a single inventory object, for instance. Even purchased a scripted organizer for this purpose. ^.^

Now, whether they're all still there, that's another issue. But they aren't in notecards, so that bug shouldn't be the issue. However, this is the SL asset server we're talking about!

emillyorr said...

Interesting. Just drag them into a prim....huh.

Hadn't thought that would work for some reason, even though, as a merchant, I've *done* it...

Seraph Nephilim said...

They just need distinct names, I believe. That being said, I'm using scripted organizer boxes that let you review contents, etc. Gives a little bit more functionality, but I'm not sure how much offhand. (It was an older project and only delayed me crossing the 10k threshold -- need to get that down again.)