Wednesday, November 14, 2007

so if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you

I'm here.

Simple words, to be so powerful. Nearly as powerful as speaking love to someone. Mayhap more powerful, being there, stating it. Reminding.

I'm here.

Something I've said at some point, to every love. Rushed, hurried, amused, concerned, loving, all moods, in all different ways.

Shh, love, I'm here.

If you can't laugh, in love, then why are you there?

Yes, sorry, I'm back, I'm here.

My policy of getting distracted to the fore.

Hee, no, I'm over here!

Generally when I'm in some more unusual form, closer to the ground. Or in a form they haven't seen before, and the tag doesn't give it to them, right away.

Shhh, it's happened.

I'm here. I'm here now.

Said softly, urgently, sweetly....voice low, voice gentle, voice hushed.

I'm here.


I'm here.


I'm with you.


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