Tuesday, November 20, 2007

you're making rain, and you're just in reach

Not that I necessarily want this journal to be a center for apologia, by any means, and I'm not entirely convinced she doesn't have someone else in mind, but...based on yesterday's happenings, I might well have offended Miss Persephone Gallindo somehow, so, here I am again, cap in hand, begging for forgiveness.

Let me preface this by saying, the problem with my partially-transparent floor in our Penzance establishment? Was not due to anything Miss Gallindo may have done, it was in the floor I installed. And yes, as it happens, the fix for it? Unlink the floor; remove that one prim; copy over a new prim in its place; voila, floor fixed now, we can stop sinking through it like warm taffy.

(Thank you, Mr. Breed, by the way, for that inspired suggestion.)

At any rate, if I have ever given Miss Gallindo evidence to believe I am dissatisfied with my shop or home in Penzance, let me rush to her defense. She's done a truly lovely and phenomenal job. Start to finish, she tells me, the Penzance build--before homes came in and shops were filled--was three hundred prims. Three hundred alone. That includes the theatre, I do believe.

Phenomenal. Did I say that? I mean it. Incredible, also.

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(At the corner of my plot by the theatre, looking down Savoy.)

We also have the Caledon Gaiety, which, while not officially open yet, is, to date, one of the most impressive and breathtaking structures I've seen yet on the grid. Let me not damn Miss Gallindo with faint praise on this--the texturing will take your breath away, the vivid details will nearly bring tears to your eyes, and that's without anything that may happen on stage!

I'm given to understand there will be at least one winter show, put on by Mr. EllisDee Welinder, which sounds terribly amusing indeed. It may or may not be the theatre's opening event.

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(The lovely Miss Howe practicing in the Gaiety.)

I live within walking distance of our store, now, too, and I have to say, I have missed that with a keenness nigh until pain, the ability to walk from home to work. If I'm not at home, retexturing, building clothes, or sleeping--I've been seen in the store, packaging things up, putting in the upper floor, setting things out. I still have many eyes to finish and set up for sale, and I need to remove items from my vendor that were in there as placemarkers to make sure the system worked, but...upstairs, where Kartiny now lives, is starting to come together. I also have out a set of sixty-eight tin ceiling textures I'm quite proud of--in case you're interested, I'm selling that in a single pack for L$500, which doesn't make back my upload fees, even, but they're so gorgeous, I really wanted people to be able to pick them up.

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(Looking into the store from Pirates' Road, at Fawkes Allen Designs and CiCi, his clockwork girl. Upstairs is Kartiny.)

In addition to the Caledon Gaiety, Penzance is going to be a performing sim for many diverse arts. It's not just theatre and singing, burlesque and dance numbers. It's also machinima, and the "PENZANCE" sign above Professor Oolon's studio alludes to this wonderfully well.

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(Pausing just before the studio sets off the main telehub.)

Don't let me mislead you in the least, though--in addition to being a center for culture and commerce, it's also a place for home and hearth--and I do believe we have some of the most breathtaking examples of the Victorian "painted ladies" style of abode, festooned with architectural gingerbread and elegantly detailed. Taking a walk along the thoroughfare, there's so very much to charm the eye.

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(Pausing by one such example, complete with Blue Bayou rose arch. By the way, if you favor the arch? You can find it at Miss Soleil Snook's garden center--she's selling it as the "Lilac Rose Arch".)

Penzance also borders Caledon Mayfair. Perhaps taking influence from it, perhaps developing on our own, Penzance seems to have few fixed architectural styles, and neither does Mayfair. Both seem, to me, at least, reflective of genteel vacation villages, bustling during the season and somnolent when the sun's not out. This may change, surely, we are just starting out--but in the meantime, we have garden spaces, grand designs, and all that's theatrical in between.

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(An overview shot of Caledon Mayfair, from above.)

Caledon Mayfair also has something that makes me happy to live in Penzance--a lending branch of the Caledon Library. I was overjoyed to find this--again, not some small distance from my home!--so it will be easy indeed to acquire new reading materials!

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(Shot of the interior of the Caledon Mayfair Branch Library.)

Finally, we come to the spot at the top of the central hill, Miss Virginia Tombola's airfield. Frequently in the air above Penzance can be seen various and sundry flying machines, both those build to soar the air, and...well...more experimental devices. I never thought I'd be so thrilled to see planes in the air again, but I love watching them wing by.

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(Standing in front of the one currently parked biplane, looking towards Savoy Road.)

All in all, it's charming, it's convenient, it's centrally placed, and if ever I cast aspersions on it in the least, I most humbly beseech Miss Gallindo to forgive me, for it is my home, and I am passionately in love with it.

Do visit, if you get a chance. You won't be sorry you did.

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