Sunday, December 2, 2007

the wonder of the world is gone I know for sure

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Emilly Orr, tragically disfigured in a horrific lab accident, has returned at last to her Penzance home, abandoned by doctors and clergy alike, dragging her broken, mutilated form from shadowed corner to soot-covered stone, causing young children to shriek in her presence, passersby to scurry away in fear....

Well, no. It's not that bad. It's just annoying, frankly. Here's what I've been able to figure out:

For 90 minutes of solid relog, complete with cache dumping, internal system scanning, frequent pokings of my inventory to load in world, and both on the Nicholaz client and the latest platform release with Windlight installed over it...I can't ditch the Linden default shape, dumpy little troll that she is.

Plus? I was a white-striped neko yesterday. Now I'm wearing some odd and awkward demonic skin I haven't worn in months--since, at least, Valruna converted to Gorean--and I don't remember changing!

I can't wear anything that's not prim. So in this weather, no shoes, no stockings, no underwear, no trousers....Oh, no. Bare feet, a bustle skirt hastily tied on because it offered maximum coverage, and Miss Shenlei Flasheart's black mink capelet (wonderfully warming as it is, though tragically afflicted with bling, poor li'l buttons).

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I turned in a bug report. I didn't know what else to do. I doubt anything will happen, it will just--one day--resolve. But good gods, did it screw up my plans for the evening.

(Yes, those of my readers of more prurient mindset? That does mean what you think it does.)

I'm--not unjustifiably so, I think!--cranky about this.

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Tch. I just want a skin I recognize and eyes that aren't dark with fadeout and shoes, is that so very much to ask?!? Really, now. This is abhorrent!


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Forgive me, but without the mask? There's just something...familiar...about that face...

I'd better put the mask back on. At least, until I find the way to fix this.

In the meantime? This puts showing up in limbo with odd accessories far lower on my "Why does this always happen to me?" list...

[[Later insert: Mr. Hank Rucker, landlord and--today--personal savior--to the rescue!]]

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[[He gave me instructions on what to do to fix my shape problem. I followed them to the letter, came back and--poof! I could change!

[1:20] Hank Rucker: See? Did that not help?
[1:20] Hank Rucker: Yay
[1:20] You: It did!
[1:20] Hank Rucker: I am a genius.
[1:20] Hank Rucker: ;-p
[1:20] Neome Graves: What did you suggest?
[1:21] Hank Rucker: That she detach all, relog, detach all, and replace her avatar from one in a folder using "Replace All"
[1:21] Hank Rucker: It seems to kick SL in the ass a bit.
[1:21] Neome Graves: Hee!
[1:21] You: It does!
[1:21] Neome Graves: Good to know.

So...yay for that! I'm fixed!

Now, all I need is to get out of the drifting smoke form before someone comes along with a fan....]]


Darien Mason said...

Yes...something familiar indeed...did you get any other symptoms? Like sprouting horns, excessive bragging, a condescending attitude and the urge to listen to VNV Nation?

Emilly Orr said...


No, no horns, no bragging, no observed condescension.

*looks away, mouth quirking*

I, erm, never stopped listening to VNV Nation, so that hasn't changed...

Just, I'd never directly noticed it before. My default set of shapes? Make that skin look entirely different...