Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am folded and unfolded and unfolding

Finally, the truth will out! We now know what so viciously struck down Caledon Middlesea!

[0:04] Desmond Shang: okay, the official twisted rumour is this:
[0:04] Desmond Shang: Hotspur, naked and female on the sea floor, committed an act that required 2 lindens to fix the region
[0:04] Eugenia Burton: I like it!
[0:04] 1wuz Gray: and involve an octopus, a squid, and a nautilus.
[0:04] Emilly Orr: HEE

What I want to know is...when did the Colonel get a female avatar? Though apparently that was answered earlier:

[0:03] Phineas Messmer: Hotspur has a female avie?
[0:03] Eugenia Burton: Hotspur *is* a female avie. Haven't you looked?

So now we know. Though now that I think about it...


....maybe I shouldn't think about it.

Today in building: I completed the first thing I've ever done using megaprims. I know, I know, prim savings, yay, but...they are tricky to work with. I cannot manage to resize them in ANY way. But I ended up with a very TALL skybox, so tall that I decided to put in a quarter-platform, so that's where the bed sits. Below the platform, my fireplace, places for cuddles, a very nice rug...and there's room for small project building and more cuddles, should there be need. I'm still working out what I want in there.

Next up: finish the eyes (long project, but I did so many!), package up my tin ceiling set for resale, possibly the alphabet block series, and toss everything up on SLX as well as in the store. Gads, several days work. WITHOUT what I'm going to do with the upstairs!

Busy busy busy again. How did that happen?!?

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