Tuesday, November 6, 2007

a gent of good intent, who's content to be...

Just a brief mention? If anyone regarding these pages has a yen towards feral cat avatars? Go here, to Bushbaby Island.

Why? Because of this:

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This? Is the Black Liger, which, by the way, today only, is one thousand off the asking price of three. This has the single most expressive face I've ever seen on any feral, hands down.

(Note this pic was snapped in transition; this is why the right front paw seems to be missing. Because it is.)

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(Pic snapped a bit later, after full transformation)

This is further detail on the shading:

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This is Miss Neome in her new liger form, sans the leonine ruff of mane. This is mostly just to show the shading on the fur itself.

Keep in mind, this is the black. They have other shades that are even more impressive, stripes that are fully configurable as to hue, and the big cats purr when you scratch their bellies!

Charming, excellently well done, tigers and ligers. The only controversy is, Miss Mickey McLuhan is the owner of Bushbaby Island, and Mr. Cheetah Kitty creates these avatars? We're unclear. But whomever is doing them...they're doing a wonderful job.


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Danke for sharing these avatars; I know at least two damen who might be appreciative as well.


Klaus Wulfenbach

emillyorr said...

Oh, of course! They have plans to expand, they say, they're just concentrating on the big cats at first because they know them better.