Sunday, July 14, 2013

I could linger inside me; where would I go?

More from Hair Fair!

(from the Hair Fair album)

Most of Adoness' offerings have far too much loft for me personally, though they look good for what they are; how'ver, the single style I'm choosing to show (Xanthippe; I ended up not showing off Myrina or Valasca) I'm showing off two different side-shaved hair caps.

The one above is the shaved Ornament in black shades.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This one is the shaved Butterfly in black shades. (There's a third, the shaved Flora, and I'm thinking they have one for all their color tones. I'm honestly interested if they just offer a pack of the side-shaved patterns, because that's neat as hell.)

The booth for Adoness will be found on the Port sim.

I have two questions on the Nipsey braided style.

(from the Hair Fair album)

1. Why do the braids end in what looks like invisible beads? That's so odd.


2. Why are the front curls floating over my head?

I'm not showing off the S-Curl style, because I couldn't get it to behave, and the Usher Mohawk didn't look bad, it's just--at least on me--it didn't look like hair, per se.

Unorthodox' booth is in the Harbour sim.

(from the Hair Fair album)

Is it just me? DeeDee in Blonde is so a casual Cinderella style. (That being said, it's really cute and I want it.)

(from the Hair Fair album)

And this is the "Kate" style, in Black-Purple, which is both a lovely color and an attractive style.

Three other styles are not shown. But you can find ChiChickie's booth on the Port sim.

(Usual run-down: The "Unseelie" skin from the 'Diety' line was part of the last Twisted hunt, and came from Aeva/Heartsick. The eyes are part of the Cassiopeia pack [Twilight set] from Rue, and are called "Cichlid".

(The outfit's part of Nomine's 'Ameno' gown collection.

(Oh, and I always forget to mention--my signature back tat which I nearly always wear, Kala Bijoux made; unfort, it's no longer available. I bought it originally in 2006, just a few months onto the grid; when tattoo layers were released in 2010, I wrote her, and she was kind enough to send me a pack of the tattoo layers of the wings. I am forever grateful to her for doing that. Check out Material Squirrel; she has some pretty things, including actual, fluttering-about wings, plus she's been designing mesh wonderments for a while now.

(And the backdrop's still the Ruins Skybox from yesterday.)

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