Saturday, July 20, 2013

let them rest upon the waves, peace at last for those who wait

Sent today, 20 July, 2013:
After a long struggle with cancer, Nix Sands passed away this morning.

Sometimes I have a poem, or good commentary, but tonight words fail me ~ Nix is a dear friend. Others have passed, even recently. But often we didn't know details, or they desired privacy. In Nix's case, I am honoured to be able to remember him.

Caledon state flags will be at half staff for a week, and if you wish to participate, simply do the same through 27 July.


Desmond Shang, Guvnah
Independent State of Caledon
I...don't have much else to say. Over the past few years, I've withdrawn from much of the grid, mostly for personal reasons, not for lack of friends I have on the grid. But prior to that, I do remember Mr. Sands with fondness and great respect.

This is a sad day, indeed. My greatest sympathies to his family, and to his closer friends, for the devastation of his loss. Know that many of us remember him, and his memory will live on in song and story, I am sure.

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