Wednesday, July 17, 2013

velvet moths will keep us warm

More more more from Hair Fair.

(from the Hair Fair album)

Just one from ploom--I like ploom, a lot, but this was the only one that grabbed me.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is "Raichu", and I'm not sure what color it is, but I picked it off the blues and greens color HUD. Both the base hair color and the hair band color are changeable on the HUDs.

(from the Hair Fair album)

There's just something so intricate about this one. I know it's just a simple banded style, but...yeah. I don't see this every day.

Each ploom style comes in four variations: small, small [boobs], large, and large [boobs]. While I'm not wearing prim breasts at the moment, this is the small, so there's lots of room for system breasts, as well.

Not shown: everything else. They were good styles, just...very familiar styles. You can find ploom in the Port sim.

(from the Hair Fair album)

Next one is Wasabi Pills. This is their "Brenda" hair in Ash, which appears to be a near-black, and I gotta admit, I'm kind of in love with the bangs.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is "Donna" in Gingerbread, another heavy braid style, very nicely made.

(from the Hair Fair album)

And this is Kelly in Golden, a loose, low, casual side pony.

Not shown: two styles. You can find Wasabi Pills in Brickness.

(from the Hair Fair album)

So...I'm only showing off one of the Iren styles, because barring one semi-heavy braid, this is pretty much indicative of all their offerings. Some had less floofy curls, some had more, but yeah, pretty much, they were all like this.

You can find Iren in Port.

(The outfit is from Nefarious, their "Capri Green"; it comes with a skirt which I'm not wearing. Nomine made the skin, it's part of her Fae skin line; this particular one's the Peacock, in the Constellation variant.

(The eyes came from Saturnine Dreams; they may be closed now, more's the pity, but if they're still around, these are from the Nautilus pack, and the color is "Pea".

(And the shoes, which you likely won't see, are from DaBuVa, and were acquired during the Twisted Arcane hunt. They're the Twisted Hunt Faun hoof boots in black.)

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