Tuesday, July 16, 2013

sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip

[01:16] Mxxxxxxxx: hi

Completely out of the blue. Something like three ayem yesterday. Busy with hair demos. Stuck in a skybox.

I don't respond best to "hi" in the most fortunate of circumstances, but I tried to be civil.

[01:17] Emilly Orr blinks.
[01:17] Emilly Orr: Hello?
[01:18] Mxxxxxxxx: do u like rp?

Oh gods.

[01:18] Emilly Orr raises an eyebrow.
[01:18] Emilly Orr: A few queries come to mind. First, who are you?

I thought this was a reasonable question.

[01:18] Emilly Orr: Second, what RP did you have in mind?

This also seemed reasonable.

[01:18] Emilly Orr: Third, of course, do you always spell "you" as "u"?

Okay, that might have been bitchy.

And then I went on with my evening. Snapped more pics, tracked down more information, waited some...heard nothing back. Finally, I went back to the window and pulled this lad's profile.

He didn't have much of one.

[01:38] Emilly Orr gains no additional information from your profile.
[01:38] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Ah. Well, easy come, easy go. It's not like I knew who he was anyway.

More Hair Fair!

I know, you're thrilled.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is ARGRACE's "Baseball cap/Grace" in Copper, and yeah, they all have baseball caps, and yeah, we're so moving on.

You can find ARGRACE in Cloud.

(from the Hair Fair album)

Next up was HairStudio ONE, and...what? Wait, what?

(from the Hair Fair album)

So this was the "Formal Dreads" style, which refused all fixes, even with resize scripting. I was so frustrated, before I noticed this one was marked male. Oops.

(from the Hair Fair album)

So I tried on the female version, and...this was the best it got after spending two minutes resizing.

(from the Hair Fair album)

Then I tried on the "Lose Dreads" and...You know what? Never mind. Just never mind. We are so done with this designer.

Not shown: two styles. You can find HairStudio ONE in Brickness.

(from the Hair Fair album)

Next up: X*plosion, with "Dakota" in...I actually have no idea, blue and blonde. If you're not crazy about wearing clothes, or don't like your clothes seen, this would work. It's actually a pretty style.

(from the Hair Fair album)

And yep, it hangs down to upper thighs on the back, too.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is "Jules", which is oddly structured for such a casual look, with random beads, feathers and coins woven in as minimal adornment. I guess this is the look you go for when you don't want to be seen as trying too hard? Save that as a braid addict, trust me, this IS trying too hard. Fun to do, but it does take time. This is not something you toss off in fifteen minutes and jet with.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is "Nana", another casual-only-not-really style. Still, I am really liking the variety in braids and adornments this year.

Not shown: Cody and Sharon. You can find X*plosion in Cloud.

(The top's from Bliss Couture, the Nada jacket in Brown; they're having a 90% off closing sale from now until...well, they close, whenever that's going to be. The pants are TRAP's Lacey pants in Bronze, and I may have to go pick up another few colors, now that I've finally tried them on.

(The skin's the "Mila Porceline" from Anxiety, the eyes are from Bleh, their "Green B2" eyes, and honestly, I can't remember if they're in business these days or not. I forwent shoes.)

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