Tuesday, July 10, 2012

you feel the temperature dive, and all your demons inside come crashing through

Whatever's going on with the wrong profile pictures, it's growing. In somewhat related news (if we think the Marketplace debacle, the current my.secondlife.com problem, and sim ownership in general are linked), three hundred and ninety-six sims have gone away in the past two weeks alone.

That's terrifying. In any other game, that would mean the game's going away fairly soon. What does it mean for SL? Got me, but I'm worried.

Speaking of Marketplace issues, there are still new folks coming in to the thread and asking the same questions we've all been asking. This from MALiBU Karu (yes, that's apparently the accurate spelling of the avatar name):
I have a underwear picture showing for my product...
and I can't do anything about it : (
I tried deleting all my item from my list to start it over but this underwear picture won't be taken off my list and it looks so bad.
I'd like to AT LEAST hide it from my item listing to the public please.
If not, I think that it is a common sense to at least announce the reason why this problem is going on and why it's taking long to resolve. Not knowing what is going on and what to do is the worst thing.
"MALiBU" means this:

(from the shopping album)

That's a screencap from her current listings. And of course, when one clicks on that image, one is taken back to the main Marketplace page. Which means nothing that a maker can do--including product deletion--will work.

(from the shopping album)

Oh, and Harper Beresford's "Masquerade" picture--in a stolen skin--is still splashed all over the Marketplace. Why? Because at this point, it seems like blatant Linden endorsement of Hush Darkrose.

If you like the music of Steam-Powered Giraffe...and you like desk pets...why not combine the two into a handmade printable paper collection of brightly colored cubist bots? It's like steampunk Minecraft.

From the Motherboard blog comes tales of the Superbus, which--from everything I've been able to track down--seems like a way to pay for luxury public transit. Which, to be fair, has never been the point of public transit. I don't know if the folks designing the Superbus have really thought this through, but part of why many buses look so run-down is because they're designed to be durable over pretty. They need to take hard daily use and keep on going. They need to have materials that can be simply repaired or replaced completely. They need to be able to put 200,000 miles on each vehicle--if not more--before decommissioning that particular transit vehicle.

I'm not saying it doesn't sound cool--it does. But it's just not viable in the long run.

[7:13] Yxxxx Dxxx: SLW wishes your avatar a very happy birthday. from SLW staff http://www.slwinners.com (Providing free visitor analytics services to hundreds of SL business locations since 2007)

I have a couple problems with this. First, my rez day was the sixth, not the tenth. Second, I've never been to SLwinners.com that I can remember, so why are they sending me happy birthday wishes? Third, it's a rez day, not a birthday, and my birthday was last month.

What gives?

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