Monday, July 23, 2012

me, I'm emotionally colorblind

First Hair Fair post for 2012: Argrace, Bliss and Alice Project.
Second Hair Fair post: Alli and Alli, Amacci and Analog Dog.
Third Hair Fair post: Battle Angel and Bliensen + Maitai.
Fourth Hair Fair post: Calico Ingmann Creations, D!va and Curious Kitties.
Fifth Hair Fair post: CheerNo and [COLORS].

So...about this Hair Fair thing. Yesterday proved both frenzied and crazed, featuring everything from an emotional breakdown (nope, not going to talk about it here) to my computer wholly ceasing to function (thankfully, easily fixed: main fan burned out). Today has not been better, so at this point, I'm just going to get out what I get out, no careful organization, and screw the consequences. Here we go.

Starting with the first style I bought this year, "Phoenix":

(from the Hair Fair album; the front of Discord Designs' "Phoenix" in Damson)

Now, I'll be honest--it's rigged mesh hair and I still don't know how to adjust the gap between me, and the curve of the braid. It's not getting taller, I tried that--unless it relies on leg height, which I'll try now I've thought of it. I bought the reds pack, which includes six different red shades, and it's the first time I've ever seen a big, beautifully long braid treated this way.

(from the Hair Fair album; the front of Discord Designs' "Phoenix" in Damson)

This is (most of) the back of it, showing the curve over the shoulder (and part of the big spherical shield light I'm using for...some effect, I'm really not sure why at present. Could be coffee nerves). I love the color, I love the length of this braid, I love how this is an oddly practical style--rather than brushing the floor with the braid tips, just cart it around looped over your shoulder. So damned cool.

(from the Hair Fair album, and...what just happened?!?)

And then, you know, me being me...this happens. Looked away for a moment at Skype, switched back to Nirans, to find my entire body (save for hair, eyes, teeth and skirt) had fallen off my virtual bones. The hell.

But look how white my teeth are!

...hey, there has to be SOME advantage to this.

(from the bizarre album)


(from the bizarre album)

Great. Now I'm the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Oh, how I miss you, skin...


(from the bizarre album)

Well...hell. Okay, I give up. G'night, everybody!

(Just for reference, the last two images featured Discord Designs' "Jada" and "Delray", but hell if I'm going to let those stand as good shots, because damn it, I will get my skin back! Curse you, invisible skin thieves!)

(Wearing--at least, until I stopped being able to see myself--Silent Sparrow's "Shruggie" in Ash over Bare Rose's "Baby Alone in Babylone" EGL frock in black with DV8's "Danse Macabre" ballet boots in black, Aleida's "Couture Skin 1" [sadly, Aleida closed], and glossy black eyes from saki Bosatsu [don't know if SAKIBO exists as a store anymore]. I'm also using the Windlight setting "Nam's Optimal Skin 2" with a shield light.)

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