Thursday, July 12, 2012

hard to find, blinded by sorrow

Have friends who want to support Gala Phoenix, but they don't play in SL (or perhaps their accounts lapsed)? It's okay--Gala's set up a legal fund request on IndieGogo.

IndieGogo, like Rockethub and Kickstarter before it, works on the principle of crowdfunding--the contributions of the many can be smaller if we all join together to make something happen. Rockethub is more for professional or scientific funds, Kickstarter is more entertainment-based...IndieGogo sort of straddles both camps. It's not as well known as Kickstarter, especially, but it has strong ties to development capitol, and investment sources.

This campaign has a lower goal--$10,000 (US), which is half of what she needs to begin the court case. Why? Because the One Voice event has already raised the other half:
Fortunately, many amazing and generous content creators, designers, and supporters have come together to hold a fundraiser in-world. In the first few days, we have already raised over $10,000, and I expect we will raise more before the event is over. However, many people have asked for a way to donate outside Second Life, so I have set up this page. Because of the success of the in-world fundraiser, I am keeping the goal of this campaign more moderate.

The Second Life content creator community will not be intimidated by bullies abusing a system that should protect us. Please stand with me.
Help if you can.


Icterus Dagger said...



Emilly Orr said...

I thought so. Plus, she's easily cleared $10,000 and One Voice isn't over yet; and that fundraiser goes for the next eighty-nine days, so she'll easily clear that. Now, it's down to the hard stuff--finding representation in Canada and filing all the proper forms. Because the legal wrangling at this point is bound to be ugly, and likely very long, as well.

ZZ BOTTOM said...

I really hope this case can be solved fast and that with Her name cleared She can not only proceed against the thief!

Emilly Orr said...

I do too, but no court case is quick these days. That's even more true when the case is international.

On the plus side, the other nation is Canada--depending on where Ms. Phoenix lives, it's far easier to travel from the US to Canada than from the US to Dubai, say.