Saturday, July 28, 2012

a toast to lonely souls who never could take control of life

[Looking For Group] naya6: 혹시 한국분들 계시나요??
[Looking For Group] Reflux: My thoughts exactly.

There is now a full book of cat poetry. So...that exists.

[NPC] Dwayne: Psst! I heard that Blessed Bloody Angel [ERROR! CURRENT EVENT DATA NOT FOUND]

I live for announcements like this from the NPCs in City of Heroes.

If you ever wanted to know what would happen if a baseball was thrown at 90% of the speed of light...well, not that that's possible, but xkcd is here for you. There you go--scientifically accurate, funny, and really, really warped.

Speaking of xkcd, here's the United Shapes map.

What I sent to friends late last night:
I don't know much more about it at this point, but I will look! Her eyes are PERFECT.

Also, from a friend:

[12:03 PM] Axxxxxxxx Rxxxxx: Pathfinding went out to Magnum code sims today - and apparently broke a lot of things judging by the bitching in the commerce group

That is very much not of the good. Especially considering pathfinding is going to be the single biggest impediment to effective player implementation since the introduction of V2/V3.

[Local] Macrovolt: One time I threw a chair at a friend cause he threw a chicken bone at me.
[Local] Chick With The Hair: Did it go into his butt.
[Local] Macrovolt: ...No.

I have to stop listening to random conversations in Pocket D.

Help] Umbral Raptor: They take it away when you're not looking then put it back before you look again.
[Help] Arkon Prime: My head is made of waffles, thinking about that.
[Help] Umbral Raptor: Hey, they're time travelers. They know exactly when you look, where you look...

I should likely not pay attention to random conversations in Help, either.

Caught in Pocket D: "Jaded Irishman", a level 50 Mutation Brute with super-strength and fire powers.

Description: Meet Dylan! Filthy suit, filthy hair, filthy breath and filthy vandalized graveyard teeth.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Dylan O'Brien is a fantastic case study of what you probably shouldn't do with your life.

Which is drink heavily, chain-smoke and get horrifically mutated into a fighting monster with a tobacco factory growing in your throat.

Cursed by some unknown force (likely leprechauns) for some mysterious reason to have all good things slip away from him somehow (usually in pointless and bizarre manners), Dylan does not get to have nice things.

No food fit for human consumption, no clean clothes, no family, no money and no real friends. The only concessions he gets are liquor and cigarettes.

And that little immortality thing.

While he can certainly feel pain, he can't find a way to die. This makes him perhaps one of the most apathetic and lackadaisical villains in existence.

Everything is inconsequential to him.

...Okay, then. Guess that covers it.

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