Friday, July 20, 2012

and all the missing we love, I hope the darkness they find will give them light

[16:38] Mocksoup Graves: [16:38] Second Life: Can't rez object at { 147.387, 140.792, 762.619 } because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership.
[16:38] Mocksoup Graves: I AM ON MY OWN LAND

Welcome to the new bugs, Mock. Thank Linden Lab for their support.

First Hair Fair post for 2012: Argrace, Bliss and Alice Project.
Second Hair Fair post: Alli and Alli, Amacci and Analog Dog.
Third Hair Fair post: Battle Angel and Bliensen + Maitai.

I have to find a way to pick these up, or I'll still be covering them after Hair Fair ends for this year!

There's a bit in the D!va's announcement card that I feel I have to share:
The day of a start of Hair Fair this year comes on at last!
a holding period -- July. 14-29.2012

Hair Fair is held in summer every year -- it is an event --
Hair shop in an inworld ends to all the persons concerned, and is performed
for the hall boiled and crossed -- it is fair.
Eight days remain of the Hair Fair this year, and I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to feel quite crossed by fate and circumstance. At any rate.

First up, Calico Ingmann Creations, with...

(from the Hair Fair album)

Hair horns! Okay, I admit, part of the fun of wearing Tekeli-li hair is the absolute surreal styles on offer--some of which resemble this one (in a non-copybot way, I'm just saying, similar style, NOT a copied style)--but CiC has always been my place for the spiral-curl styles, which these days--like Battle Angel--are alpha-ing beyond all reason.

This is CiC's "Aaliyah" style, it has no alpha layers. And it's cute. And it's very fun.

(from the Hair Fair album)

Not sure if the metallic ivy addition is just plain overdoing it, though, but still--great style!

(On the other hand, at 250 prims for this style, it's up there with Tekeli-li's styles for ornately overprimmed wonders.)

(from the Hair Fair album)

I also want to point out something about the tinting HUD: it's s l o o o o w. This is a shot of the shift in progress from black hair to blonde. The scripts take each section of hair, tint it, then move on methodically to the next one. This is going to take serious patience for a lot of people.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is the "Felicity" style in Black with Red tips; and

(from the Hair Fair album)

this is the first time I've seen something like this on offer--the same style, but mirrored. I love a hair designer offering that option.

Three other styles were in the demo box, but not featured here.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is D!va's mesh "Rio" hair in Topaz. It's slightly slow to rez in and texture properly, but has nice enough flow.

(from the Hair Fair album)

But this is why I haven't fully converted over to mesh hair, which in general does lag less, can be worn with less fuss, and can be easily (almost painlessly!) rezzed in on mesh-enabled viewers: the clipping.

I will grant, there is no perfect solution for attachments on a moving object. If it's not the prims clipping into our avatars, it's the mesh not stretching well, or the alpha layers needed for them being just a little too large. Throw into the mix a dizzying variety of user-generated outfits, shoes, hair styles, animations and shapes, and yes, it's a nightmare.

But even assuming I could guarantee that everyone seeing me saw me through mesh goggles--so to speak--I'd still have these issues. All it takes is one animation moving the wrong way. And while I have the same issues with prim hair, for the most part I've learned which styles work better than others, and stay to those.

Two other styles were in the demo box but are not shown. D!va can be found on Flower at the Hair Fair.

Next up: Type A "Sane" hair from the V3 mesh styles at Curious Kitties:

(from the Hair Fair album; why am I reminded of Poison Ivy for this one?)

And here's where I prove the below "what I'm wearing" paragraph wrong, because this is a full-body mesh hair, crown to ankles and wrapped over all limbs in between. Wau.

(from the Hair Fair album)

And this is the Type B style "Khandi", a more traditional anime style; both of these are shown out of the box, without HUD tinting.

(Worn on today's run are Rag Dollz' "Shanghai Green" outfit, Nomine's "Peacock" fae skin in Constellation, Curious Kitties' "Honeybee" eyes in Yellow, DV8's Cabaret Velvet short gloves in Moss, SN@TCH's "Candy" stockings in Emerald, and DV8's "Danse Macabre" boots in Jade. Not that you're going to see the stockings and the boots--and possibly the gloves--but I'm wearing 'em nonetheless.)

(Also, the Windlight settings are "Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim" tweaked a bit in the Niran's viewer lighting settings. Translation: I still don't know what I'm doing, but I liked the effect.)

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