Tuesday, July 3, 2012

it's better to feel pain than nothing at all

[Help] Onyx Moon Rising: Hey, can anyone suggest a good server on EST, other than Virtue, one that is populated? I have way too many alts here and need a second home.
[Help] Omega Instinct: lol, outside of Virtue and Freedom, servers are pretty dead (although Justice does get to medium load in the middle of the day sometimes)
[Help] Onyx Moon Rising: Sounds like I should try Freedom then. It doesn't make sense for me to keep adding new slots here when I'm not using the other servers.
[Help] Omega Instinct: Ya, freedom is just like virtue (pretty much)
[Help] Hallucinette: ....

There's been this (mostly unspoken) rivalry between Freedom and Virtue servers for a while now. Virtue has, pretty much always, been a dedicated RP server, by default; it's also the server with the greatest number of players at any given time.

Freedom also has a fair number of players, but whereas Virtue started out as an RP server, Freedom--at least initially--was a non-RP server. Thus the jokes began from there--that Freedom is where the "boring" people go, or "Freedom will take anyone who doesn't RP", or that Virtue had better standards because they accepted players with imaginations...you know the drill.

[Help] Onyx Moon Rising: Okay, great thanks :)
[Help] Hallucinette: Yes, if Freedom were the half-formed unborn twin growing out of the side of Virtue's skull, maybe.
[Help] Onyx Moon Rising: Well, nothing's Virtue. :)

This is a far more divisive issue than people thing. I joined Virtue not because I'm a die-hard roleplayer--though I do like rp--but because I had friends on the server. I have characters on Freedom, along with some of the other servers, but I rarely ever play them. Why? Because Virtue is where my friends are. So I go there.

[Help] Omega Instinct: I like Freedom better. Too much RP on this server
[Help] Hallucinette: Too much RP on the RP server. Right.

I admit, that line baffled me, too. Saying you prefer the people on Freedom (or Virtue); that's one thing. Saying you like Freedom better than Virtue, because Virtue has too many roleplayers...that's risking loss of brain cells just reading that through completely.

[Help] Omega Instinct: Half of AP was RP'ing like 2-3 hours ago
[Help] Onyx Moon Rising: lol, I like RPing. If I'm not tired or in Pocket D. I can do that anywhere though. Okay, thanks. Goiing to move a toon there.
[Help] Hallucinette: And this is the part where I save myself from a migraine. *click*

Leaving aside the issue of his "moving a toon"...I have to say I'm with Hallucinette here. The argument raged for a bit after this, before it died down, but that's really the perpetual argument in brief: Virtue apparently sucks because of all the roleplaying, Freedom apparently sucks because of NO roleplaying, and neither side really gives an inch on these positions.

And boobs don't work this way. That is all.

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