Thursday, July 26, 2012

in your mind's eye lives a memory

First Hair Fair post for 2012: Argrace, Bliss and Alice Project.
Second Hair Fair post: Alli and Alli, Amacci and Analog Dog.
Third Hair Fair post: Battle Angel and Bliensen + Maitai.
Fourth Hair Fair post: Calico Ingmann Creations, D!va and Curious Kitties.
Fifth Hair Fair post: CheerNo and [COLORS].
Sixth Hair Fair post: Discord Designs (and skinless Em).
Seventh Hair Fair post: Discord Designs, now with skin!
Eighth Hair Fair post: Gauze and Hairoin.
Ninth Hair Fair post: Rosy Mood and [kik].
Tenth Hair Fair post: L+N Signature, Lamb, LaViere and +LALA Moon+.

I'd never heard of Loovus Dzevavor before this year's Hair Fair. They seem to make intricately stylized hair constructions that are less "style" and more "art project". They're all fascinating.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is the "Cirque" hair with the "Blanc 1" hairbase.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is the "Dali" hair with the "Noir 1" hairbase.

(from the Hair Fair album)

And this is the "Cornucopia" style shown from the back...

(from the Hair Fair album)

...and from the front. Both shots feature the "Rouge 2" hairbase.

Two other styles are not shown.

Interesting bit from the Lelutka notecard included with their demos:
The mesh will alter to your main bone structure, such as height, torso length and body thickness. So if you move those, the mesh will just move with you. So for example if you are a short avatar or extremely tall, you will not have to worry about the item being long enough.
Ah-ha! Torso length I don't think I changed at all with Discord's "Phoenix" braid--I tend to run with a shorter torso, I think, than most. So I may have to revisit that one and try it again.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is their "Salome" hair in "Summertime". It's a wild, impossibly complicated style that still manages to pull off both "fun" and "elegant". Somehow.

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is their "Versage" hair in "BlondeFun". I like the stylized curls at the front, that's a clever conceit.

One more style was included, and is not shown.

(What I'm wearing: The "Gemma" minidress from Absolutely Smitten, Clockwork eyes in Baby Blue from =HooT= [that's a Marketplace link; she doesn't appear to have those up for sale, but drop her a line and she might track them down], Baby Monkey's "Mia" bow pumps in Gold Moire [I'm not sure they're going to be seen, but Curious Kitties' all-over twining hair made me paranoid], and cStar Limited's "Miss Leo 2012" gacha skin in Light Beige. [Note: there's a round of 26 skins in all on the roof of the store, they're currently L$13 each, but that's going to go up by L$1 each day until the promotion is over.]

(And the Windlight setting is "Bree's appleblossom".)

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