Friday, July 27, 2012

my heart's crippled by the vein that I keep on closing

First Hair Fair post for 2012: Argrace, Bliss and Alice Project.
Second Hair Fair post: Alli and Alli, Amacci and Analog Dog.
Third Hair Fair post: Battle Angel and Bliensen + Maitai.
Fourth Hair Fair post: Calico Ingmann Creations, D!va and Curious Kitties.
Fifth Hair Fair post: CheerNo and [COLORS].
Sixth Hair Fair post: Discord Designs (and skinless Em).
Seventh Hair Fair post: Discord Designs, now with skin!
Eighth Hair Fair post: Gauze and Hairoin.
Ninth Hair Fair post: Rosy Mood and [kik].
Tenth Hair Fair post: L+N Signature, Lamb, LaViere and +LALA Moon+.
Eleventh Hair Fair post: Loovus Dzevavor and Lelutka.
Twelfth Hair Fair post: LOGO and Miamai.

Wau. Twelve posts. This may or may not be the last one, this is getting tiring and it's just adding stress I don't really need right now.

(from the Hair Fair album, the "Babylon" fantasy hair)

This is Dark Side Creation's "Babylon" fantasy style; it has a clickable color-change script for the streaks, so this is the style in Black and Silver Soul. Basically, it's one single script, so very little lag, and it only changes part of the hair--they'll all be black and something else.

(from the Hair Fair album, the "Babylon" fantasy hair)

This is the style in Black and Sunrise, from the back.

(from the Hair Fair album, the "Babylon" fantasy hair)

And this is it in Black and Burnt Embers, as well. There are a few other colors to pick from, including Ebony, so you can have an all-black style if you want.

(from the Hair Fair album, the "Mackenzie" hair)

This is the Mackenzie demo, and...yeah, this one's odd. Okay, the back part--the hair beyond the striped scarf--is mesh, but the scarf itself is prim and adjustable. Still looks like I've had a partial craniectomy, though. On the other hand--for both this and the Babylon--I bet you could match a hairbase from Amacci or something to create a better sense of hair pulled back.

(from the Hair Fair album, the "Maggie" hair)

This is their Maggie demo, and oh yes, for the cat ears alone it will be mine. This is just dead cute, has a bit of flex, short but spunky and clever. I like it.

Two more styles were in the demo box and aren't shown. You can find Dark Side Creations in Water.

And, since EMO-tions is being difficult, I'll unpack everything I already unpacked from them and get to the real demos for next entry.

(What I'm wearing: The "Amnesia" set of ornate silks from Bare@Rose (that's a link to the search engine for them, but it has both a pic and a link to a SLUrl to get you there), Photoelectric eyes in Browne from Coca and Wolf, DV8's "Danse Macabre" ballet boots in Chablis (sadly no longer available), and cStar Limited's "Miss Leo 2012" gacha skin in Violet. [Note: there's a round of 26 skins in all on the roof of the store, they're currently L$14 each, but that's going to go up by L$1 each day until the promotion is over. The Violet is apparently the rare.]

(And the Windlight setting is "Bree's appleblossom".)

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