Monday, July 2, 2012

who do you love when you come undone?

In yet more tie-in news, Team Fortress 2 and Steam have paired up with Hero Academy. It's a turn-based strategy game, but with players able to participate in an unlimited number of games, the waiting around for the other team to make their move virtually drops to nil.

And, if you own the PC version of the game, you'll get a bobble-head version of the Team Fortress 2 characters to send into battle. I guess, if you really wanted a chibi Heavy, tiny Pyro and wee l'il Spy to send off to wreak havoc, then...Hero Academy's your best bet.

Also, if you're willing to sign up for an Adult Swim account, you can get a code to get your very own...Robot Chicken hat. Yeah, I have no idea either.

It's a really odd thing--I do run occasional sponsored ads on the sidebar. They haven't made me a dime, so it's fairly whimsical in choosing what I want to put up--ultimately, it comes down to what I'd be most interested seeing pop up if I were reading the blog.

The annoying thing comes in when I realize, yet again, that to see any of the coding--to make sure it's working right--on the blog, I have to pull up IE and run it down through them. Even now, with the security updates to the browser, I have to practically be held at gunpoint to choose to use it. Neither Chrome nor Firefox will show the video links.

I suppose that would be another reason why these programs aren't paying me--if most (if not all) of my readers aren't using IE.

The attempts to monetize remain interesting to me, in an odd disconnected way. Would I like to get paid for what I do? Sure, wouldn't we all? But considering what I cover on this blog is so vastly wandering, there's not one single, solitary thing I can point to and say Yes--all my readers would be interested in that. So, in a curious sense, there's a lot of internal flailing going on.

Which isn't helped by the fact that running under Chrome, I can't see the vids I'm linking.

I'm also in the closed beta of the Wizpert thing, and...I haven't decided yet if I'm staying with it. Mostly because I was tapped to be a "Relationship Wizpert", and...yeah, cue hysterical laughter now. This blog was considered good material for giving advice to people on their love lives.

Letting that sink in does not diminish the bafflement behind that statement.

Maybe it's a good thing, though. Keeping this blog steadily in the not-making-a-dime camp means I don't push any particular thing I might be getting paid to do. Obscurely, maybe this keeps me honest, or at least, keeps me opinionated.

I really have no idea. Maybe it's just me--I'm not good enough yet to get paid for blog entries. I should get back to writing the Great American Space Epic and see where that goes...

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