Wednesday, July 25, 2012

against all wisdom you heed no warning

There's a unique challenge being faced by one particular mad inventor in New Babbage...well, maybe not mad inventor, maybe it's more mad remixer...who's wondering how to get really, really large, neo-Victorian male hair.

I do believe this is a job for Miss Kallisti Burns again--if she wants to make uber-large, mesh male hair for sale--but I'm also going to be wandering around looking for other potentials, as well.

Out and about at Hair Fair this week, I've definitely been running into an interesting crowd.

(from the bizarre album)

This damsel, for instance. Easily eight feet tall, zero shoulder width on the fact, on that torso, while she did have breasts, they were high up on her chest, small, and slightly caved in from the compression. Plus, let's not forget her teeny little baby hands on foreshortened arms.

And I know, I know, it's just me, but...I still don't get the fetish for wearing belts as skirts.

(from the bizarre album)

Then there was this guy. Who seemed to be wearing tattoos, slightly translucent grey socks without toes, and a jockstrap stuffed with yet another sock. Why? Why would anyone go out in public like this?

(from the bizarre album)

He had the nerve to come over to me and question my fashion sense:

[22:16] Jxxxxx Bxxxx: WUT
[22:17] Emilly Orr: Pardon?

Dude, I was at least wearing clothes at the Fair! As opposed to...whatever sartorial decision you call that.

He wasn't the only one, however. There seems to be a positive fetish for nudity at this year's event:

(from the bizarre album)

Now, before I get any comments on "hey, she looks fine, she's just naked!"'re right. She has nicely human proportions, arms of a decent length, hands that aren't teeny little mutant claws--and that skin looks great on her.

However. When did shopping completely naked become a thing?

Though speaking of claws...

(from the Hair Fair album)

...I am kicking myself I didn't scan this maiden and find out where her gloves are from! And this is another one--before people rant and scream, I think she's gorgeous. Also dangerous--anyone who goes out with those wings, those claws, and nipple tape (for all that she also had a LOVELY physics layer to add bounce)...well, that might be an avatar to watch warily.

(from the Hair Fair album)

That having been said, I also wish I'd scanned her wings. Mostly because they read less as "fantasy wings" and more as she found some way to attach animate streamers of glowing sunset-colored silk to her shoulderblades. It was a deeply impressive effect.

(I should also say the reason the first snap of her is censored is that, even with a friend and I peering diligently, we could not decide whether that was an actual covered nether region, or...not. My vote was with not; my friend decided that it wasn't hair, but rope--possibly rope holding the otherwise impossibly attached bustle on.

(Still, as the 'whatever' was dark, and had some strand-for-strand detailing, I decided to err on the side of caution.)

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