Friday, July 20, 2012

hard to find, blinded by sorrow

First Hair Fair post for 2012: Argrace, Bliss and Alice Project.

Something I forgot to mention in the last post from Alice Project:

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is the "Tessa" hair. I've picked the Aztec color HUD for this, so the main hair is in Aztec Orange, but the streaks--because there are separate streak, part, and whole-hair tinting options with each HUD--are in Aztec Green. And this style? Free at Hair Fair.

There were six styles included in the demo pack for Alice Project; including this mention of Tessa, I've only shown off three of those in this entry and the last one.

Holy gods--Alli and Alli sent ALL THE HAIRS:

(from the Hair Fair album)

This is the "Sugar hair 3" demo--I don't know what the "3" refers to, but I'd suspect the color. Takes a bit to rez in and doesn't look like mesh hair, but it's a cute little style.

But why did I say they sent everything? Because they sent each of their four styles (only the one of which I'm showing here) in all eleven individual color tones, and then all over again for eleven Petite-sized color variants on each style! (Showing none of the Petite styles because I'm still having problems getting the one Petite avatar to work, and frankly, beginning to regret I bought one in the first place.)

(from the Hair Fair album; Amacci's "Rosie" style)

This is Amacci's "Rosie" style in Sangria. It's a two-part hair--the actual hair, and the tattoo-layer hairbase.

(from the Hair Fair album; Amacci's "Rosie" style)

This is a closer look, because it's a very subtle, understated effect. It doesn't look like a standard all-over hair base because of the wisping effect that makes us think that there actually are individual hair strands pulled back to make the bun.

The only comparable hair base I've dealt with is Discord Design's braid bases, where they're wisped to create the effect of the individual hairs at the base of each braid. Really stellar look with the bun. I may end up buying this one.

Next up: Analog Dog...sort of:

(from the Hair Fair album, and oh boy)

Remember when I mentioned a couple days back that Analog Dog had some permission issues on their unpacker?

(from the Hair Fair album, and yep, both of them)

Yep. Both hairs. The above is the "Ging" hair in Seashell, or at least the flexi bits of it; above that is the lower part of the "Ging" hair in Cacao. Well, what arrived looks good; so I'd recommend if you're interested in how half the hair looks, find Analog Dog on the Hair Fair sims and take home a demo to try on your own.

Hopefully that one will work.

(For this shoot, I'm wearing 1-800-Bettie's high-waist shorts in blue with Schadenfreude's "Eleanor" ruched sleeveless top in Robin's Egg, one of Ruina Kessel's older skins (Cabal/Ice in Naif, though I don't think she sells it anymore--oh, but she's covering the Hair Fair with much more style and panache than I'll be doing!), and the Blue Glacier eyes from Ephemeral Neko.)

(I also modified the 'Luna Jubilee-Snowday' Windlight setting to get the photostudio bright effect without actually dragging in a light source.)

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