Sunday, July 8, 2012

do I know your face? does my mind wish to forget?

This is odd, and passing it on for the oddity--I haven't received one, but then, I haven't made a new account since the store girl, lo these many years ago.

Fascinating profile I came across while wandering through Pocket D in City of Heroes:

Zarah Neman
Level 50

Description: ((RP))

It is called Zarah, or Narah. By the way that men reckon time, it's ancient beyond imagining, having witnessed the earliest sunrises and sunsets of existence, though turned its gaze from them, preferring its native lands of Faerie. It wasn't until humanity first dreamed that this attention returned, transfixed by these new beings. And so it became real, forsaking Faerie, a story told to the waking world on rose-red flame, and has lived here ever since. It is to Modern Fae what Cavemen are to modern man - primitive, brutal, and disturbingly clever.

  • Scores an 11/10 on the Fae Chart.
  • Aura is not hard to read, though it's wise not to observe deeply, lest curiousity work [its] proverbial murder.
  • When surrounded by tongues of flame, they are cast by dozens of tiny fae in orbit
Everyone gets one chance. Be polite.
Vaguely demonic in appearance, in a precisely tailored suit. Fun.(I did change his "it's" to "its" in the description; it's a long-standing pet peeve. Otherwise that's exactly the bio I saw.)

In more JIRA news...this one's really, really odd. A comment on the script throttling the Lindens initially enacted pretty much doused the comments in kerosene while on fire:
You are really some cry babies. That's typical, when they do a change which benefits the players, all of you spam sending scum cry around.

They throttle it even more to 100 per hour. I fucking hate it when I get in a sim just to get 10 item accept request. Fuck spammers, rot in hell
In all honesty, when I was going through my emails this morning, I didn't even realize this was a JIRA comment until I'd mentally backed up and looked at the header.

So, I looked her up while I was closing down other research windows. I kind of wish I hadn't now, but...yeah. There she is. Decanted in 2008, no bio, very few groups, so back to being severely puzzled about the whole thing. (Oh, and that pic? NSFW. For just about ANY work.)

There's been one comment so far taking her to task for saying that, but seriously--that particular JIRA was doing fairly well as being more useful for the Lindens than your run of the mill complaint-go-rounds most JIRA posts turn into after a while. In fact, the last comment posted was near the end of March. Then Odessa comes along and explodes for no reason. What the hell?

Plus, again, how exactly is the original drastic script throttling "a change which benefits the players"? It seemed to be hurting more players than it ever helped, and just from my perspective, I've never--in six years of playing SL--gone to a sim which tossed me ten items to accept at the same time.

I'm sure I don't go to the sims Odessa goes to, but the max I've ever been tossed is three--and usually, those are heavy roleplay sims, so it's generally a rules of conduct notecard, the landmark to the sim, and a landmark or notecard for the shopping area. Period.

Say hello to Mild Insanity--it's a customized map for Trials: Evolution, which I believe is an XBox game. This is two of the Achievement Hunter crew discussing the then-new game, that works as a pretty good introduction to the game, and mentions the absolutely insane amount of customization options available in the in-game Map Editor. So why is that so amazing?

Well, because you can make your Trials game look like Portal. Or look like op art (that video gets full cuteness points, too, for Geoff's take-your-daughter-to-work-day episode). How about putting dragons on your map? Or riding your dirtbike through medieval ruins? If you're a fan of the "Wipeout" show, there's a map for that. Or if you really liked Missile Command on the Atari system? There's a map for that. If you really liked Mario Kart? There's a map for that.

Really, if you like inventive games with a mind-boggling amount of diversity and creativity--and, more importantly, you have an XBox 360--checking out Trials: Evolution wouldn't be a bad thing. If you only play it for the custom maps, you're still getting your money's worth.

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