Friday, July 20, 2012

when your battles wear you down

So, back to Hair Fair.

Starting (only quasi-alphabetically) with Argrace (who also now has a website):

(from the Hair Fair album; hat hair from Argrace)

This is the Straw Fedora style with their Casey hair in Cinnamon (though I've changed the hat color to Black); it comes with a fairly simple color-changing HUD (you can change to one of five different hats, and one of five different bands) and an alpha layer to hide the back of the head.

(from the Hair Fair album; hat hair from Argrace)

And this is the Straw Fedora style with their Clara hair in Almond. I'm thinking both of these styles are mesh hair; I was thinking prim with the first one, but the way this longer style drapes over the shoulder and moves with the head, I'm now thinking mesh. (Two other styles were not shown, but also had the straw fedora.)

(from the Hair Fair album; Bliss' braided bun)

This is Bliss Couture's "Alethia" hair in Sugar (posed to show the braided bun detail in the back).

(from the Hair Fair album; Bliss' high pony with razor-cut bangs)

This is their "Crimson" hair in Bordeaux; I adore the way the ponytail lays over the shoulder, but straight out of the box it clips both into my forehead (on the other side of the hair as shown) and into my ears (on both sides, one side shown). It's not mesh, so editing is possible, which is a relief at least.

(from the Hair Fair album; "Sessie" mesh? hair)

And this is their "Sessie" hair in Chianti, which I swear is partial mesh--or, more possibly, wholly mesh, but only the shoulder part is rigged. Because when I tried to rig it so the section over the shoulder laid better, the top of the hair moved, while the shoulder drape stayed completely fixed. Creepy. (Two other styles came in the demo box; they're not shown.)

Bliss can be found in Sand at the Hair Fair.

(from the Hair Fair album; Alice Project's "Bliss" hair, uncolored)

This is the "Bliss" style from Alice Project. This one really has to be tested away from the Hair Fair, because the HUDs included for color-changing won't work at the Fair. That being said, this is Bliss out of the box;

(from the Hair Fair album)

and this is the same style tinted with the "ElectriX" HUD in Teal with Black Tips;

(from the Hair Fair album)

and this is the "Helga" style tinted in Red from the "Xtremes" HUD. Using the HUD requires a slight bit of finesse, because they're all embedded sub-menus, practically. But tinting is total and completes in seconds, and rezzes right back in.

Something else I think is important--while they're likely all for sale individually, there are nine separate color HUDs that Alice Project sells. Natural tones, unnatural tones, pastels, vibrants--seriously, if you can't track down "your" color (or group of colors) in one of these HUDs? You're just not going to find it in Second Life, flat out.

Alice Project can be found in Flower at the Hair Fair.

(For this shoot, I'm wearing 1-800-Bettie's high-waist shorts in blue with Schadenfreude's "Eleanor" ruched sleeveless top in Robin's Egg, one of Ruina Kessel's older skins (Cabal/Ice in Naif, though I don't think she sells it anymore--oh, but she's covering the Hair Fair with much more style and panache than I'll be doing!), and the Blue Glacier eyes from Ephemeral Neko.)

(I also modified the 'Luna Jubilee-Snowday' Windlight setting to get the photostudio bright effect without actually dragging in a light source.)

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