Sunday, September 19, 2010

with green eyes and blonde hair, she wasn't wearing underwear

Apparently, there's a new way to view comics online--with the whole of the internet available to comment on them. Some of the comment placement dots are more than a little...iffy...too, if you ask me.

Is it a good idea? I do not know. Is it funny? On several occasions. Maybe that's the point.

With little time to the end of things (Hair Fair closes at midnight tonight), I now present to you, LALA Moon, and what may be the lamest demo box ever. You'll see what I mean.

Hair Fair,hair,Wigs for Kids,Second Life

La Perm in Black. (See? Not only is there a HUGE demo box attached over the top of this hair--you can see that on the larger image--but there's also a weirdly tilted semi-halo over the actual hair. Someone is really, really paranoid that people are going to wear this and not realize it's a demo. Or something.)

Hair Fair,hair,Wigs for Kids,Second Life

Maine Coon (yes, they named a hair Maine Coon) in Ash Beige. At least they only had the demo rings as rings around bits of the hair...

Hair Fair,hair,Wigs for Kids,Second Life

This was a strange demo anyway. The front of the hair does not seem to go with the back of the hair, at all.


Persian in Classic Olive. And back to the tilted demo halo.

[08:05 PM] Emilly Orr: Very true. And 'Classic Olive'? I must know.
[08:06 PM] Emilly Orr: This is Olive?
[08:06 PM] Sphynx Soleil: sorta vaguely
[08:06 PM] Emilly Orr: This is BLONDE

More to the point, olive or not, this is the strangest hair texture I've ever seen in Second Life. And that says something.


Ragdoll in Ash Red, and, while I profoundly disagree that there's any red in this, it's a reasonably pretty doll/child style, or even for young wards in vintage environments. It doesn't move, but it doesn't have to; the braids are short enough they don't clip through the shoulders; all in all, this one's well done.


This is Ryusei in Classic Emerald; short, choppy, messy, but not too bad. It's not emerald, it's closer to a teal, but for all of that, it's attractive enough.


And finally, Ryusei in Blond Flaxen, with Ryusei Flexi Parts in Blond Flaxen.

[08:12 PM] Sphynx Soleil: ok, ready for the next one
[08:13 PM] Emilly Orr: This is another of those 'extra hair' things
[08:13 PM] Sphynx Soleil: as in, you just added a piece and not a whole new style?
[08:14 PM] Emilly Orr: well, wore it in the color the parts demo was in

For all of me, I've seen this alone, and I've seen this with the additional 'parts' piece, doesn't add that much, so I'm confused.

They are found in Hair Fair 1.

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