Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I hold the invitation in my hand

(Update: There's a better explanation of what's actually going on with LLKDU on the Imprudence blog.)

No KDU for you! Now, this is significant because--as a matter of course--the KDU file acquisition system is faster for texture loading. But that was the main thing that sunk Emerald--beyond the DDoS attack, beyond the griefer associations, beyond Gemini/CDS and Copybot complaints, they ripped off the KDU file structuring from the Labs.

Now the Labs are making it plain this won't be happening anymore.

There is early news that the OpenJPG system Kirsten uses is faster than regular OpenJPG loading files; it's still not as fast as KDU, but it's faster than the standard. Download Kirsten's (if you can run it) and check out if the texture loading makes it more worthwhile for you.

Welcome to Hair Fair 2010, sim 1 of 4! Please enjoy exploring this Hair Fair sim, all builds are phantom to ease the lag.

So, finally was able to drag myself through Hair Fair, but this drop-down raised a few questions. Does making builds phantom really ease lag? How? Don't they still get downloaded by the client like anything else?

Currently--though I haven't voted for it--I am tentatively in favor of this JIRA request passing. But I still hold back, a bit, because--even though things are explained logically, dispassionately, and feature graphical mock-ups--there's still more than enough wiggle room for the Lindens to screw it up.

Letters were being called for the Caverna Obscura store chairs

[07:23 PM] 1veta Baccarin: B & J.
[07:23 PM] Trishy Bookmite: ---------
[07:23 PM] Trishy Bookmite: i will keep all comments to myself on that one
[07:24 PM] 1veta Baccarin: =^.^=
[07:25 PM] 1veta Baccarin: Got to love a business jet.
[07:28 PM] Trishy Bookmite: lol
[07:28 PM] soft Pawpad: why is it called blow

Not that this needed an answer, but it has to do with the shape of the lips, Miss Pawpad. As if one were, per se, about to blow something out...or whistle. Or give an extremely exaggerated kiss.


Who's next to go Free to Play? MMORPG has a list.

And yes, this was mostly just a links-and-oddity post. I'm still not over Hair Fair yet. And I never managed to make it to EMO-tions and get their Crystal hair offering, so I haz a sad.

But it is a small sad, and soon, I will be up to my ears in haunted houses. Along with figuring out how to haunt TWO parcels (the third doesn't count, it has year-round fog already).

I'm thinking--if I can get the building done in time--of actually putting up a haunt myself. I had fun the year I did that in Rivula...

(And no, I don't have anything planned for This Year's Hunt. I'm running out of time for that, too.)


Alexandra Rucker said...

Actually, some better explanation can be seen on the Imprudence blog.

IMO I don't think it's the "ripping off llkdu" that was the issue - Emerald had their OWN kdu version, and who knows what went in it, considering all the OTHER stupid stuff they pulled.

If the devs weren't asshats there probably still wouldn't be a problem. (yes, I'm a mite peeved about that...ruined it for everyone, they did.)

Emilly Orr said...

Emerald did have their own KDU version, emkdu.dll, which--in my opinion--was backward-engineered from llkdu to get past the Lab's restrictions.

Yet another thing to be pissed at them for, really...

Rhianon Jameson said...

At first, I had trouble believing that M. Pawpad would need to ask such a question. Then I recalled a story from my younger, ah, less mature years. Back in high school, when I was temping during the summer, several of us worked with a nice young girl from a rather sheltered background. I can't recall her name(s), but she went by her initials: BJ. She had no idea why the rest of us found this funny, and we couldn't figure out a way to explain it. I assume she eventually learned on her own.

Emilly Orr said...

I will not go out on that limb and say M. Pawpad is younger in age than, say, the safe median of SL (though my only proof to that is that I've seen the name for over a year now and again)--still, it does seem rather a naive question overall.

Still, at least there is connection between "B" and "J" on chairs, and the concept? I'm reminded of the first season of Bones where Dr. Temperance Brennan frequently said, "I have no reference for that." (In her case, she meant it--she rarely saw films in theatres, did not watch television [to my understanding, the real Dr. Brennan still doesn't], and had spent so much time internationally or in a lab that even common phrases went past her at times.)

Of course, that's a case of specialization, not naivete. There likely is a difference.