Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm scared that girl's a redhead

[09:03 PM] Nakira Tennen: I was kinda like "wtf' when it said you had to join the group for the hunt
[09:04 PM] Zombina Gunawan: not to mention you have to be a furry hater >_> bleh. I has no love for people like that , sorreh

This is my basic problem with the Thrifty Goth group. I don't need to be babysat on what is or is not goth. I get that they want their sponsors' stores to be called more often, and when I can, I do. I get that some people don't know the basics, and need special help.

But the anti-neko/anti-fur/anti-fae vibe gets me, too. I'm in the group, and I'm glad I joined for the Gother Than Thou hunt, but the whole logic behind holding a hunt for a month solid and closing the group people needed to be in to hunt at all? Yeah, there's intelligence lacking there, somewhere.

I likely won't stay in after the hunt ends. I like some of the people, but I don't like the infighting, and the humans-only-die-you-mutants hate doesn't make me happy.

So, some of the comments on Jessica Lyon's blog are still fairly ridiculous, all things considered...but there's been zero response on my question, and at this point I don't think there'll be one. On the plus side (well, maybe a plus), Imprudence, Emergence and Phoenix are three of the thirteen viewers listed on the TPV directory for SL. So I guess things have worked out in the end?


Fans are in a frenzy over the new suggestion--from Ridley Scott, no less--that the Xenomorph aliens from the icon Aliens franchise might have been originally developed as biological warfare.

I don't understand all the screaming. Many of us have theorized this for years--that, in fact, the enormous alien pilot of the planet-ship found in the first film was a keeper of sorts, for a cargo being ferried to...where? We were never told.

But suddenly there's screaming? Why? Did they want the Xenomorphs to be some proud, matriarchal culture, with traditions and rituals? They've never evidenced anything resembling that before now, so why would there be in any future films?

Up next, RezIpsa Loc:

Wigs for Kids,Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,charity

Eliza, in shade 4 pm. I realise, yes, you can get great detailing, organic curves, with sculpted hair, but I don't care. Unless it's a severe updo, I want hair that doesn't move, I already have styles that don't. What I want is hair that flows, and this? Doesn't.

Wigs for Kids,Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,charity

Harriet in shade 9 am. Now this has flexi panels. It's still mostly sculpted, but it looks good and parts of it will move when I move.

Wigs for Kids,Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,charity

Jane, in shade 11 pm. This also moves. Strangely bangless, and I'm not sure how it would look in colors other than black--pardon me, "11 pm".

Wigs for Kids,Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,charity

And finally Mary, in 6 am. A perky banged pony; sculpted along the skull but parts of the ponytail move.

And that's it for tonight, I think. Tired of taking hair pics on the netbook, frankly.

Eyes: House of Ruin eyes, Thaumaturge: in Forest (sadly, House of Ruin has closed)
Skin: Heartsick Enchant line in Illusion, Very Berry
Outfit: 'Nanshe' dress from Nomine.


Serenity said...

Just lol at Thrifty Goth lol is all I can think of when I think of how mangled and screwed up that group is. XD

Emilly Orr said...

This is what kills me about the anti-fur thing. My Arctic Fox, for the first two years I was on the grid, was always seen in the same black dress. I can't think of a thing that's more gothic than an ice-white fox in all black.

Then I went neko, and most of the time when I was neko, I was the palest of whites with pale grey striped fur. Which I mostly wore black with. In fact, I have a whole set of 'mourning' shots (when I was in mourning for the vampiric twit who got banned from SL). How is that not goth?

I grant you, there is room for attitude when new people come in and immediately start calling trash neko stores with lots of torn camo shirts and boomer shoes. But anyone with brains wouldn't call those stores for a goth group in the first place.

Maybe that's my big complaint--being treated as if I'm as stupid as some of their group members.