Monday, September 6, 2010

give me down to there hair, shoulder-length or longer

Winter Ventura received an odd question from a friend after SLCC concluded. Her friend said they were sorry they'd missed Winter's panel, and asked what she'd presented.

As Winter knew she'd been at home, and not in Boston, she was somewhat baffled. But the official program seemed to list her. And then, there was video footage of her panel in progress.

(Before anyone asks, no, that's not Winter.)

Next up, Ohmai Salon:

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

This is "Ante", in a shade called "hearty Olive". I'm not entirely sure on the designer's color names, as this looks more black, than olive green, but who knows? Maybe she had black olives in mind.

Also--and take this with a grain of salt, because, as usual, these are all photos coming off a netbook--it seemed to me the sculpts used (this is all sculpted hair, start to finish) took a long time to rez in and look like hair.

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

The Ante style in "Chilli". Something else to keep in mind: every single style offered as a demo had resize scripts, so likely they're all no-mod styles. Immediately puts me off buying anything from OhMai.

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

This style is named "Gabriel"; the color? "Fanta". Weirdly, that makes sense. (I think the pic makes both me and the hair look dorky and fisheyed, but none of the other shots came out.)

This is also the charity hair; all proceeds from the sale of this hair will go to the Hair Fair charity.

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

This is the "Gabriel" style in "rich Sushi" with...a hat. The hat apparently comes with the hair.

I have no idea why a hair that's already tied back with a wide hairband (or a knit cap, I never figured out which) would also need a hat. Forget the fact that the hat didn't rez in well; that's just odd.

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

Narae in Robin's Egg, with a back-tilted hat (hat is part of the hair). This is actually a dead cute style. I may have to compromise my principles on no-mod hair and check out the price of this one, because it's just a whole lot of fun.

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

The Narae style in "tasty Kopi Tubruk". I actually had to look this up--kopi tubruk seems to be Indonesia's answer to Turkish coffee, and requires two teaspoons of ground coffee, sugar to taste, and the hottest water you can find to "cook" the coffee grounds in the cup.

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

This is the Narin style in "Spinach". I actually had to circle around this style for some time before I figured out that the bangs were the only change from Narae. Elsewise, hat, braid, tucked back over one ear--it's the same.

Second Life,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,charity

And we finish up with the Uriel hair in "Pistachio".

Pury seems to be a dollarbie hair that has no demos for it. Unless I rezzed something out and it vaporized, or something. But barring that, those are OhMai's offerings. Remember, everything is regular vending save for Gabriel, and all proceeds from Gabriel sales benefit Wigs for Kids.

OhMai can be found on Hair Fair 1.

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