Friday, September 10, 2010

plaiting a dark red love knot into her long black hair

There has always been a standing rivalry between Second Life--who wants to be the central hub for virtual worlds online--and Utherverse, who runs the Red Light Center and the Virtual World Web. In addition to working with former members of the Emerald development team, though, Utherverse is directly challenging Linden Labs:
"We have no tool for people to move land or content over, but if they 'deed' their SL land to us, we will provide them with better property than what they give us, in the VWW," said Utherverse's Shuster. "It won’t just be a discount. We are looking to make the transition for users as smooth as possible, and to offer value to users to move over. We're basically willing to work with people to give them a package that will make it worthwhile for them to come over."
This is the first time, I think, that another virtual world service has offered a discount for their in-world currency as well as an across-the-board land-for-land deal--and they're offering more land in the exchange.

Will people make the switch? Honestly, I'm not sure. There's so much going wrong with SL currently, it might be worth it for some people who can't run Blue Mars, but still want to stay in a virtual setting. And, while three years ago the clunky interface and the all-sex, all-the-time, all-in-public nature of the main Utherverse offering, Red Light Center, put people off, now their avatar meshes have been improved, their options are wider, and we've all seen how massively Zindra failed as the "Adult continent".

"Players simply don't like being screwed after they did everything flawlessly because of a roll of the dice." She's not wrong. Unfortunately, the answer's far from simple--as she also points out.

What would you do with one extra minute?

More Hair Fair demos, this time out BC322/Black Maria:

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This is PinkxPink in Black. Apparently the pink stripes in front stay constant; the other colors change.

Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids,Second Life,charity

As you can see on PinkxPink in Blood, with added headphones.

Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids,Second Life,charity

CxC1 in Blonde. Funky little partially-sculpted style.

Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids,Second Life,charity

CxC2 in Choco. Same funky little partially-sculpted bit, with longer bangs.

Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids,Second Life,charity

And finally Sleeping Twin in Golden. Your average sculpted pony set.

BC322 can be found on Hair Fair 2.

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