Sunday, September 5, 2010

though I'd ask of you a favour not to seek her for a while

So, behind the scenes, there are issues that are preventing me from doing the job I wanted to do for the next several entries. But I am forging ahead because I think it's important. First, this is the first year the Hair Fair organizers set up an in-world group to deliver hair demos. This, to me, was a remarkable thing. While there were issues (namely, three days to deliver all the demos, resulting in me, and potentially many others, spending longer in world than we may have wished, in order to ensure that IMs didn't cap), having an in-world group over a subcribe-o-matic ensures that anyone who joins has all those demos to go through, plus can get demos they missed redelivered.

I chose to go through the demos alphabetically, but the problem with that is that stores with non-alphabetical characters in their demo names shuffle to the top. I figure y'all can cope, but it's going to get odd at times. (And, sadly, nothing will be as detailed as I want it to be--I just don't have the power on the graphics end of things.)

First up: the demos from L + N Signature Designs.

Hair Fair,Second Life,charity,Wigs for Kids,virtual worlds

This is...odd. Don't mistake me: the hair texture has a lot of shine, stranding, it pops; at least the black (all their demos were in black) is really attractive to the eye.

But I had to stand in place, staring at this demo for a full five minutes, before I realized it wasn't going to rez in later. It really was a pile of cubes, in the vague shape of hair.

Hair Fair,Second Life,L + N Signature,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids,charity

Unfortunately, the demos could not be adjusted--they may come with resize scripts, but I wasn't watching for that, just checking out the hair. I don't know how multiple hair-knot sculpts will look in other shades, but this reminds me a bit of Discord Designs hair...only more primmy. Which says something, considering.

But I did notice a few gaps here, which might be easily solved by click-and-resize hair scripting. Still, to my mind, it would be easier to just grab one or two prims, and make those a bit bigger, rather than the entire head of hair.

Second Life,charity,Hair Fair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids

L + N Signature's 'In Balance'. I suppose demonic princess hair horns, one on each side, is balanced. And I'm not saying it's not inventive, it's just...odd. Have I said odd before? It's still odd.

Second Life,charity,Hair Fair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids

The batleth hair.

Long before this point, I'd begun to seriously regret my snazzy all-black photo studio. I thought it would detract from the hair having a brightly colored background; I guess it's a good thing I had good lighting.

Second Life,charity,Hair Fair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids

But on this one, I had to wonder--subtracting the black background, I couldn't think of anything, barring an sf convention--and does Second Life even have virtual conventions?--where you could wear this hair and pull it off. It's so outrageous, so stunning...People would remember your avatar, not you, I would think.

Least you'd have a handy weapon around? In case of emergency, pull batleth out of hair?

Second Life,charity,Hair Fair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids

And this is L + N's "PortaBella". Not hard to see where they came up with the name.

To their credit, though, I think this one works. I think this is also a commanding style, but it's more charitable towards the avatar than the "Lady Warrior", seen above.

Second Life,charity,Hair Fair,virtual worlds,Wigs for Kids

It puts me in mind of Hopi maiden hairstyles, only angled differently, and--as you can see from the back--it repeats that section of braiding that I'm beginning to think of as L + N's particular signature, for L + N Signature designs.

All five styles are donating half of all proceeds of each sale, for the run of Hair Fair. They can be found on the Hair Fair 4 sim.

Notes on the rest of it...

Eyes: Black lace free eyes; maker unknown.
Skin: SN@TCH Velvet Milk in Innocent Noir.
Dress: Adam & Eve Dare to be Different in Black.

Releasing this into the wild now; will try to get SLUrls for those stores I can in the morning.


Kallisti Burns said...
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Sphynx Soleil said...

My vid card is up the task if you just want someone to snap pictures and email them to you. :)

Emilly Orr said...

Kallist, noooo, you removed your post! Snark is allowed on my blog!

But seriously, I do judge by prims in prim hair now. How'ver, all is not lost--I generally just wear one of the pony styles (they clock in between 50 and 80 prims, usually) and not the braided styles. B'sides, I am learning the value of simpler shoes, too--I have a reasonable outfit, system-layer shoes, and 200-odd-prim hair, it weirdly equals out to highly detailed boots with roses and barbed wire wrappings, and simpler hair. It's all in budgeting, I guess, only it's more budgeting prims than pennies. (Is there a Linden equivalent of the penny? I don't think so.)

Emilly Orr said...

Sphynx, absolutely, and it's a tempting offer--I'm feeling this urge to do it all m'self, though. Stubbornness hurts me a great deal of the time. :P

Sphynx Soleil said...

Well, I've pushed myself to the ultra crispy stage tonight, but I'm game tomorrow night if you want, just lemme know. :)

Emilly Orr said...

*grumbles at the missing i in 'Kallisti'...*

Go rest the crispy brain! But since I will likely be here...stuck with the leg elevated...yeah, I might need the help. :(