Wednesday, September 8, 2010

she's so mean but I don't care, I love her eyes and her wild wild hair

It started here:
[04:07 PM] alex3cordoba Blackbart:
The link led to a dismal back alley display of what I can only assume were originally full-perm items that Mr. 46-days-in-SL-and-counting put up for quick Lindens.

This was the third time I'd seen that avatar spam that line this morning. Three different groups, mind.

I snapped. I sent him this:
[04:55 PM] Emilly Orr: Are you mentally challenged? That's three separate groups I'm in you've spammed with that line. You're asking to be muted.
Namely, because I was upset, but also, because I have very little patience with things, currently. I'm working on being more patient, and more understanding, but it's difficult when I start off wanting to throw things before anyone's even typed "wher r u? r u a rel gurl?".

This is what he sent back:
[05:09 PM] alex3cordoba Blackbart: hola
[17:11] alex3cordoba Blackbart: no hablo ingles
[05:11 PM] alex3cordoba Blackbart: lo ciento pero no estaba
Which made no real sense, honestly--I get he's saying he doesn't speak English, fine, but he wants to tell me he's having a goddamn sale on top of spamming the wrong groups?

I had gotten distracted at this point, I admit; trying to move through the netbook lag to travel the world, on a day where there is severe packet loss is not easy--so it was some time before I sent back a reply:
[05:37 PM] Emilly Orr: Entonces lo haré llano. Si usted no para el enviar de su anuncio de XStreet, le acallaré y recomendaré que otros hacen iguales.
Badly translated, of course, by Babelfish. I'm standing by that, though. I also went ahead and muted him; with my patience level, I just don't have the desire to deal with stupid people.

My recommendation is that you do the same, if he pops up in one of your groups advertising. He doesn't understand the rules of Second Life with over a month under his belt? It's not my job to instruct him.

And more demo hair. This time around, the Stringer Mausoleum:

Second Life,hair,charity,events,Hair Fair,Wigs for Kids

Pearl Persuasion, Traditional Cream. I'm actually interested in this one, this is very intriguing for fantasy hair. I'm wondering what other colors it comes in.

Second Life,hair,charity,events,Hair Fair,Wigs for Kids

Bonzi, in Molten. This goes back to the first designs Helena Stringer premiered, impressively striped Mohawks. She's gotten better.

Second Life,hair,charity,events,Hair Fair,Wigs for Kids

Fall, in Observatory. Hat hair is always odd--either the hat works, or it doesn't. I prefer hat hair that comes with the hat separately, but some people don't. I do know that on this one, it took a LONG time for the sculpts to fully rez in, and I finally gave up waiting and snapped the pic with my neck still partially obscured by teal hair sculpts.

Second Life,hair,charity,events,Hair Fair,Wigs for Kids

RoboBambie in Eggplant. I'd actually want this more WITHOUT the little robots, but thankfully, they are a separate attachment and can be removed.

Second Life,hair,charity,events,Hair Fair,Wigs for Kids


Second Life,hair,charity,events,Hair Fair,Wigs for Kids

Finally, Virgo in Snow. I LIKE this one. It's simple. And this one comes with head wings.

Second Life,hair,charity,events,Hair Fair,Wigs for Kids

Ninety PRIMS of head wings....More to come.

Stringer is found on Hair Fair 1.

Eyes: House of Ruin eyes, Thaumaturge: in Forest (sadly, House of Ruin has closed)
Skin: Heartsick Enchant line in Illusion, Very Berry
Outfit: 'Nanshe' dress from Nomine.
"Own only what you can always carry with you: know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag."
~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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