Monday, September 13, 2010

in the streets of San Francisco, gentle people with flowers in their hair

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So, I was exposed to the concept of sticky gum as a fetish over on Nic Buxom's blog, and I pored over some other mentions to try to get an idea of the attraction...but this one? Looks like a horror movie.

(And no, surprisingly--nothing is NSFW. Everyone's fully clothed. Just...stuck.)

The comments to this JIRA entry are fascinating. Pro-polyamory, anti-polyamory, anti-MARRIAGE, pro-technical schemas for listing, anti-technical constraints...I voted for it, but wau, I'm honestly not sure, based on the comments, what would win out for implementation, so I'm not sure I would ever use such a system.

Reflecting back on an old post from July, I am mindful of Miss Shikami's likely still dead-set-against the 'freebie disease' and sales groups. And I am thinking over this, once more.

Since July, I have:
  • joined three new subscribe-o-matics and one new in-world group, and bought things at all four new stores, because I liked their sales items;
  • spent L$500 on a full-sale object at one of them, because I was in the store anyway looking for the sale item;
  • spent almost L$400 on items I didn't especially need, because a maker I like was having a sale, and I like to encourage sales;
  • spent over L$3000 on textures at a texture house because I'd stopped in to check over their half-off wall, and didn't find what I wanted there.
But sure, Miss Shikami. You keep right on thinking sales don't work. Obviously, they don't--for you.

Next up, *Filigreemotion* and ~Fadeless~ (they don't seem to have a main store):

charity,Wigs for Kids,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Second Life

We start with Christine in Brick (Black-Tipped). This is a thoroughly messy, razor-cut braid look, and one of the few sculpted hairstyles I think I'd ever wear, because beyond the texturing (which is phenomenal), even being a still life it looks as if it's moving.

charity,Wigs for Kids,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Second Life

This is Holly in Blonde (Red-Tipped). Not as pleased with this one (though the braided coronet is a nice touch); note the clipping through the avatar as to why.

charity,Wigs for Kids,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Second Life

This is Jessica in Soil. Uh...yeah, we'll just move on.

charity,Wigs for Kids,Hair Fair,hair,virtual worlds,Second Life

And the short choppy Senna in Wine rounds things off.

The first two (definitely the first one) have potential; the second two are unimpressive. So...B- for effort?

They can be found on Hair Fair 3.

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