Friday, July 18, 2014

is the sound of distant drumming just the fingers of your hand?

Lovecraft Festival. Still on its way.

So, in between patches of being busy, suddenly Hair Fair was upon us, and I had received no demos, and no information from the group, and I was really really upset, and then...I suddenly realized I wasn't in the Hair Fair Demo group anymore.

Distracted Em is distracted.

So expect Hair Fair coverage tomorrow! But I'm likely going to be blogging from the MOCK Cosmetics VIP lounge, because I moved from the cheap discount fleabag room I was renting, to an even cheaper discount fleabag room, which doesn't even have the ability to let me set home to the box in question...which makes me wonder why, exactly, I rented it in the first place...

(from the loss album, because it's a downgrade from fleabag poverty row to featureless generic nothingness. Hells, I could build a better skybox than this. Wait, I have built better skyboxen than this!!)

So...yeah. Definite need for a new venue. I'd just rez out a studio set to work in, like I usually do, but I have a ten-prim rezzing limit, and that's ASSUMING that everyone around me--because we're stacked in like sardines up, down and sideways on the same gorram lot--hasn't rezzed out enough to kill my prim limit.


So expect Hair Fair coverage to start tomorrow, and I apologize for the delay! It's because I haven't been logging in to SL this week, really, combined with natural idiocy! Hair Fair 2014 entries to come!

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