Monday, July 21, 2014

he'd find a powersource and then he'd pick what plugs to pull

If you don't mind the fact that the maker is pretty much ripping off everyone on and off the grid with copyright-infringing avatars...then you can take advantage of a 90% off sale on Marketplace. You know, if you don't care that practically everything you see there was likely first built in 2009 and hasn't been updated...or that much of it is direct theft of other game developers' intellectual property. But hey. Go wild if you want. I'm not your mom.

Also, apparently Thor's female now. (Comics-verse, not movieverse, it should be noted. Still, entertaining.)

More Hair Fair coverage! (Part the first, part the second, part the third, and part the fourth, seen previously.)

(from the Hair Fair album; a perky, tousled style called "Andrew" that's suitable for either sex)

We start with Alli&Ali's "Andrew" hair. It's not the best front shot, because it nearly makes it look like it has a heightened, lofty crown, but in actuality, it's a tousled razor bob, that seems--at least from showing it on me--to be pretty reasonably unisex. I'm showing in in "Hair 4" (a dark brown) and "Hair 7" (a copper-red), respectively.

(from the Hair Fair album; the sadly executed "Barbarella")

Next up, the "Barbarella", which I wanted to like with every fiber of my being. (Because...Barbarella, come on now.) It's an iconic hairstyle for an iconic character, which Alli&Ali...utterly fails to pull off.

In the banner shots, I'm showing off "Hair 10" (the pale blonde) and "Hair 6" (a rich burgundy). But it really doesn't matter what color we're discussing, as shown below:

(from the Hair Fair album; the flaws in "Barbarella")

This points out the flaws seen in all shades of this style by concentrating on the shades "Hair 3" and "Hair 6", I believe. There are more than a few issues, but I'm specifically discussing the alpha issues--which are prominent and annoying--and the misaligned strands (specifically shown here down the back, but there's a few on the bouffant crown, too). It's depressing to think that in 2014, there's a designer who's still putting out styles that look like they were made in 2008.

(from the Hair Fair album; "Fiona" and its frizzy flaws)

Then there's "Fiona", which I'm only showing off in "Hair 11", because it was the only hair I actually had to adjust and resize out of the box. It also suffers from alpha issues, but not as much as "Barbarella".

(from the Hair Fair album; the "Gaby" style for Hair Fair 2014)

Finally, there's "Gaby", and...the less said about it, the better. I will say one thing: I really wish they'd taken the trouble to add better texturing, on the hair rollers if nowhere else.

All in all, these styles had promise and creativity behind them, but...outside of the first, spunky unisex "Andrew", they're not exactly hits out of the park. Which is sad, because with a little updating, some mesh templates here and there, even, they could meld the old and the new and turn out some really innovative things, I think. Things that wouldn't look like the standard center-part long-mesh style we're seeing everywhere these days.

You can find Alli&Ali on the Brunette sim.

And the usual report of what I'm wearing, now from high above the Sanguinarius Community Center:

Eyes: Poetic Colors gives out a LOT of freebies, but Lano Ling also makes really good eyes for sale. These happen to be the "autumn moon" freebie, bright sclera version, but I do have more than a few PC eyes that I've bought. Really excellent shading, and incredible color variations.
Skin: After Curio returned to the grid, Ms. Phoenix sent out the "Party Girl Megapack" to everyone in her group. This is the "Moonbeam" (light tone) skin, "Potion 1" variation.
Outfit: The "Demon" asymmetric strapless number from FashionNatic for the dress (and I honestly can't remember if it was a freebie, or if I bought it on the Marketplace), then SN@TCH's "Aspen" knit stockings in Red (not shown), and DV8's "Eternal Love" boots in Red (and DV8 is unlinked, because they closed again) (also not shown).
Tattoos: Lipstick is from The Sugar Garden; it's the "Bitten" Dolly Lips in Dark. And the chest tattoo is from REDRUM, it's the "Sacred Heart" tattoo.

Still using Nam's Optimal Skin 2 for the Windlight setting, and I've also pushed up my graphics a little to include basic shaders, atmospheric shaders, and the Advanced Lighting Model setting. (It's important to note that even under the relatively stripped-down Singularity viewer, my current drug of choice, that I still can't move with Advanced Lighting on, because of the induced shading, I think.) Anyway, there you go--these shots are not my norm of point-and-shoot standard-midday lack-of-Windlight pics. More to come!

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